About My Hero!:

My hero! is a webcomic written by Jim Perry and illustrated by Allison Myres-Perry. My Hero! follows the adventures of a Guardian named Hasera who cannot perform even the most rudimentary requirement of her job: Healing. Hasera has been reading Harlequin romance stories since she joined The Order of the greatest Champion who ever lived across the 9 planes: Lark. One day she wishes to meet the great and chivalrous hero of her dreams.

Remember two important sayings: “Be careful what you wish for.” and “Never meet your idols”

The World:

The world of the 9 planes is not a planet. It is a disc. Upon this disc, nine different realities, or planes, co-exist, but do not share the same space. They are phased out from one another. That is to say, wherever there is a mountain on the Neutral plane, there is a mountain of fire on the Abyssal plane. Landmarks, mountain ranges and lakes are all shared across the planes, like a template. Whatever the inhabitants do from the template does not reflect upon the other planes.

The Gods:

The pantheon of My Hero! has 9 Gods. They all represent key aspects to existence and are all their own opposites and each of them has a plane that reflects their domain. Long ago, the Gods fought ceaselessly over control of the 9 planes. When one of the Gods, Que’Laen was within arm reach of claiming victory, three of the others Gods enacted their plan and killed Que’Lan, the god of Balance (Right and Wrong). Que’Lan’s death resulted in the 9th plane vanishing from existence and leaving a void where it once inhabited.

When the Gods saw what had happened, Ith’ir, the God of Conflict (War and Peace), called a truce between the Gods for them to figure out how to continue their contest without the loss of anymore realities. It was through this treaty that the Gods agreed to create a separate plane for their bid on dominance to continue upon. This never-ending war was named: The Strife.

Que’Lan (Right and Wrong):

Que’Lan was known as the God of Balance. Often times, the God would play the other Gods against one another, only to gain the upper hand at the end. Que’Lan’s realm was that of Chromatic realm. Those that followed Que’Lan during the great Gods’ War were changed from their neutral humanoid appearance and given the form of massive, scaled behemoths. Though these forms were impressive, their greatest feat of strength was their ability to manipulate magic. So much so that it is claimed that these Dragons were made immortal through these means. However, since Que’Lan’s untimely death, the Chromatic realm has collapsed upon itself. Everything that once stood upon its majestic rainbow rivers or flew across its silver sky ceased to exist in that very instant. Some still remains, having been scattered throughout the other realms, but they are all considered almost extinct due to the cataclysmic event.

Ith’ir (War and Peace):

Ith’ir was known as the God of Conflict. Whether you wished to crush your opponent’s skull or have your opponent sit down and talk diplomatically with you, Ith’ir was the key. Ith’ir was the only God to declare neutrality on the Gods War, stating that no matter what happened among the Gods, so long as they never stepped foot in the Neutral Realm, they would not suffer Ith’ir’s wrath. As such, the Neutral Realm is mostly untouched from the Gods’ War. Those that followed Ith’ir were left as they were. Humans devoid of horns, wings, claws, or even pointed ears. The Neutrals enjoy the largest remaining land in the Nine and are the envy of most of the other planes. Ith’ir was known to walk among the people, joining in celebrations, dances, feats of strength and the occasional fling. When Ith’ir called an end to the Gods’ War, Ith’ir also had to submit to the decision to leave the Nine. The Neutral Realm is the largest of what remains among the Gods’ domains. Creatures from every plane have fled here to make their home due to the lack of territory among the other planes.

The Order of the Nine:

With the Gods gone from the Nine, its inhabitants did not know what to do. Some wanted to continue to wage war between their planes and claim all 9 realms for their own, while there were those stranded on foreign planes with no will to fight. After years of conflict, a prophet came from the void and declared that there was a new way for conflicts to be decided upon. The prophet had taken some members from each of the eight planes and had created a habitable environment in the void of the ninth. This new establishment was originally called The Order of the Nine.

At first, the people of the Nine rejected The Order of the Nine, preferring to continue their endless bloodshed. Soon after their announcement, one of the towns besieged by another realm called upon The Order of the Nine to defend them and paid the toll the Order requested. An individual from the Savage realm took on an entire platoon of elite trained Abyssals and won.

This combat shifted the field of battle. As more Champions were hired on to defend those that would pay, less armies were sent to conquer their neighbors for fear of running into one of these Champions. It was during this uncertain time that it was discovered that a Champion could be killed. During a skirmish, an abyssal wurm broke through the surface of the Fae realm and crushed the Champion beneath its bulk. At that time, The Order of the Nine lost face among its patrons.

So The Order of the Nine rectified this. Every Champion was paired with a practitioner of the magical arts. Those who could wield magics were trained in the art of curative, preventative and divining arts, ensuring that the Champion would not fall to such whimsical twists of fate as a giant wurm’s mass. Champion and Guardian alike were revered, feared and legends tell great tales of their remarkable deeds as they traversed the planes, helping those in need, slaying monsters, righting wrongs and otherwise being benevolent watchdogs over the 9 realms.

After countless years of infighting among those left on the Nine by the Gods, The Order of the Nine had become the ombudsmen of the realms. All disputes were brought to The Order of the Nine and a Champion was dispatched for both sides to resolve conflict. The Order of the Nine expanded their horizons. Contracts on dangerous monsters were accepted – Champions and Guardians rode fourth to protect the civilized from the creatures the Gods once used as beasts of burden.

That was a few centuries ago. Most recently, the Abyssal realm broke the Treaty of destruction and have been removed from the High Council of The Order of the Nine for the span of twenty years – a time which is coming to a close. With conflicts at an all-time low and monster sightings growing fewer and even farther between, The Order of the Nine have begun expanding their horizons again – assigning the once brave Champions and Guardians to less reputable jobs, such as body guards to royalty, protectors of caravans and the odd noble’s birthday party.