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Physical Depiction:
The shortest of the Gods, Dershan is perhaps the least God-looking of all the pantheon.

Floating before his head is a small Oculus, which he uses to dig beneath Alteria with. His head has a long, orange, flowing mane of hair in which, rocks, debris, statues and all manner of things can be seen jutting out from. The hair is often described as a land slide frozen in place.

His face is concealed by the absolute mess of whiskers and hair that pour forth from his head. A pair of circular rings are often floating about where his eyes should be, each with its own use and size. Sometimes the floating rings are layered one atop the other when Dershan is intensely reading or focusing on something

His mouth is not visible, for the same orange mane the flows from his head covers his face and trails to his feet. Unlike the hair on his head, the long beard of hair is adorned with scrolls, books and other knowledge that Dershan has pocketed away into his whiskers.

For the length of his beard, his limbs look squat, much like his people, the Delvers. Massive, muscled arms end in powerful fists, often shown to have a shovel-device on one hand and an over sized three-clawed digging tool on the other.

No one knows what is worn about Dershan’s body, as his form is always hidden by the ever rolling landslide of hair and beard. The only thing to stray forth from the mass of hair are a pair of heavily armored boots that are depicted as having jagged spikes all about them in order to assist the God of Knoweldge in spelunking Alteria’s secrets.

Dershan is known as the God of Knowledge and Secrets. He is often aligned with wandering scholars, doctors and other members of society who put a higher value on learning new things than on monetary wealth.

Prayed to when a problem seems to difficult to solve or a situation in which someone believes there is a simple answer. Often times, people who pray to Dershan use a secret of their own in whispered tones to try and appease the God to help them – but these are almost always idle secrets, such as having taken an extra serving for supper or having been the one who broke their mother’s vase.

While the Delvers are Dershan’s chosen, they often times do not pray to their God. They hold him in high regard and use their God as an example, but to pray to Dershan is to admit that you may need help – something Delvers are not want to do.