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Godspells are magic spells originally used by the Gods. They do not require permission to be used and do not draw from the life force of those around them. They are incredibly rare and beyond the power of most mortals.

The Gods made spells for many tasks. Some Godspells simply create a feast out of nothing, allowing their followers an endless bounty of nourishing meals. Other Godspells could rip Alteria asunder.

The true danger is that no one truly knows which Godspell they are learning until they use it, or are lucky enough to find something that indicates, in a language that is not the Godtongue, what the spell they are researching does.

In order to even understand the spell, the mortal must first decipher the text. As a single word from a God can unmake a mortal, it is incredibly important that the caster say the words exactly.

To invoke a Godspell is to invoke a God directly. This pulls more of the God’s essence from The Strife than what is the standard, thus weakening the barrier between The Strife and Alteria. If one was to invoke a Godspell as a paragon, or upon a paragon, or by using a paragon spirit, it could potentially open a rift to The Strife – even if only for a short while.

No Godspell can be used in secret. So much power is held within the invocation that anyone attuned to the flow of Essence will feel the movement in the ebb and flow of Essence, like a tidal wave rippling out from a meteor impact.

When a Godspell is used by a mortal, there is usually an explosion of essence, this is because even with the most care and precision, mortals cannot properly speak in the Godtongue for their weak tongues are not capable of eloquently speaking the language. This is because the Godtongue requires essence to be infused in every word.

Some of the most powerful individuals in all of Alteria know a few Godspells. Having carefully researched and honed these spells, these individuals are forces to be reckoned with. Currently, the Succubus Queen and Keenar the Venerable are two of the most note worthy mortals alive who are known to be able to cast a Godspell.