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Invoking (Godspeak)

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The most common form of magic across Alteria is that of Invoking the Gods. This manner of magic is rather straight forward in theory, but difficult to truly master. Invoking requires an individual to be attuned to a God, be it through prayer, devotion or otherwise, servitude. Once your essence is attuned to your God*, you must speak in the Godtongue (commonly referred to as Godspeak) and request of the God to grant you the boon or effect that you wish to happen.

Many complication can come from an improperly worded request. This is why some casters often times use filters such as holy symbols, holy sites, or rituals in order to better focus their desires. Guardians of The Order of the Nine Planes are rigorously trained in the proper use of Invoking and are as fluent as any mortal could be with Godspeak.

Those who attempt to learn Godspeak without a competent instructor are often times capable of simple spells, like making light, or lighting a fire, but such practices are often frowned upon as one wrong word could turn a small fire into a completely burned down village.

Godspeak itself is a strange practice. Those who speak Godspeak are speaking with their essence and often times do not fully know the words they are saying until the word, sentence or phrase is complete. This is why Guardians of The Order of the Nine Planes are put through stressful situations on a regular basis – to ensure that in times of duress, they keep their wits about them and don’t misspeak in the event of casting.

The only race known to be completely fluent in the Godtongue are the Dragons of Quel’lan, who are sadly almost extinct now.

*Races cannot attune to a God outside of their own race, as that God will simply ignore requests from anyone who does not match the God’s followers)