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Physical Depiction:
Ith’Ir is often times depicted wearing armour. The only God to ever be clad from head to toe, Ith’Ir’s armour is either depicted as white, glowing with radiance while he readies a shield or a dark black, covered in spikes while he wields a barbed sword.

The light armour of peace is depicted as smooth, rounded edges. The trim a molten gold that remains solidified only through the God’s will.

The helm is split with a slight dip horizontally for the eyes and meets a vertical slit. The slit for the eyes is trimmed with the same glowing gold. Large pauldrons meet spread out from the God’s shoulders, layered in two, the top layer is the bright silver and the bottom is the solidified gold.

Across his torso is a set of well defined armour, which depicts a perfect physique. A cloak is often shown flowing out from the back of the God, said to be made of hope, but often depicted as hands held in prayer weaved together endlessly.

The God’s legs are adorned in the same silver and gold armour. The shield is described as a shield made of light that disperses forth from his forearm whenever he wishes it, much akin to an Essence Construct.

The armour of War is depicted relatively the same, but where the smoothness of Peace once was, spikes and barbs jut out. From beneath the helm, a set of burning violet eyes light up where the God’s eyes would be.

The cloak is replaced by swords that have been woven into a cloak, constantly lashing out at those that come near the God of War.

Upon his feet as mighty spurs and a wicked point at the end of the sabatons.

When depicted as having removed his helm, Ith’Ir is shown as a strong-jawed man with flowing golden hair. His purple eyes are said to be be mesmerizing and his voice is said to be calming when needed and commanding when wanted.

Ith’Ir is the God of War and Peace. While individuals caught in combat with one another may pray to Jer’Zail for strength, those who plan and strategize pray to Ith’Ir for a successful campaign.

Those who wish for diplomatic relations to go well also pray to the God, hoping that he will bring his shield of peace to the table, rather than a blade of war.

With Quel’Lan dead, a lot of people claim that Ith’Ir is the new God of Balance, but there are many who refute this claim, saying that even dead Goddesses can still have an affect on Alteria.