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Physical Depiction
Towering above the other Gods by a head, Jer’Zail is a mass of muscle and flame. Long locks of fire roll off of this God’s skull and fan out to his feet, ever burning as its flames flick skyward at random intervals.

From his forehead, a set of massive horns protrude and curl, sweeping back and circling about his ear, ending in a deadly point. Another set of horns sprouts from the sides of his temples. Both of the horns are often depicted as having jewelry or piercings, though none are ever the same.

Deep red scales adorn the God’s body completely. His eyes are pitch black with burning orange irises. Every inch of this Gods’ body is covered in muscle and he does little to cover this up. With a sash slung across his body that doubles as a belt and a length of cloth that keeps him modest.

Jer’Zail’s tail is often times depicted as a hunched over in order to be inline with the other Gods, such is the height and mass of this God. From his back, massive bat-like wings stretch out, tattered and scarred from countless battles.

His legs are powerful, digigrade styled legs with massive talons that always are depicted as curling out from his foot and digging in to whatever ground he walks upon. Wherever Jer’Zail steps in depictions of him, a trail of fire is left in his wake.

Jer’Zail is the God of Strength and Weakness. Where Ith’Ir is known as the God of War, Jer’Zail is not concerned with the bigger picture. Jer’Zail is concerned with winning through the most brutal method possible – brute force.

With the element of fire being believed to be under Jer’Zail’s domain, the large Abyssal God is considered to be wrath or fury incarnate, depending on the situation and is often prayed to when the chips are down and the circumstances are dire.

Because Abyssals are zealot-like in their devotion to their God, Jer’Zail is rarely invoked by the other races, for the likelihood of him providing his essence to those in need who are not Abyssals is abysmal.