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Physical Depictions:
Vethu is the Goddess the most oddly depicted among the pantheon. She has been shown to be a amorphous blob with maws, eyeballs, tentacles, thorns and teeth in different places and with more than what any mortal has been shown to have. She has shown to be a cloud of smoke with random limbs poking out. She has been shown as a woman, clad in robes whose face once revealed, is that of an insect.

The one thing that is universally accepted about Vethu is that she is constantly changing. There are even some who claim that Vethu is male, but traditions are hard to break and most common folk refer to the Goddess as such.

The most common renditions of the Goddess are that of a beautiful young woman. Her stark white hair floating about like wisps of smoke, made of the regrets of those that have invoked her curse.

Her eyes are mirror reflective voids that seem to always be focused on whomever is looking at her. The Goddess’ mouth is depicted to be glossed with blood-red lipstick, which contrasts with her dark, purple skin. When the mouth is open, however, it is often shown to hold within it tentacles in place of teeth.

Her figure is often painted as alluring, but the details are always suspect. Her limbs are shown to have lines run along them in which triangular teeth can be seen, or a tongue sticking out.

Long, slender fingers are at the tips of her hands, but her palms are often shown to have a tentacle extending from the center, often wrapping about her fingers.

Her body is covered by a simple robe of starlight that goes down to where her knees would be, but at her naval, the strange purple skin shifts into a a feathery skirt and further modifies into a snake’s tail.

At the end of the very long tail, three blackened tendrils extend out. Their lengths are never truly determined, shown at different lengths and always in motion.

A terrifying facsimile of beauty made better by Vethu.

Vethu is the Goddess of Chaos and Order. Known as the Goddess of Change and the Neversolid, Vethu’s desires change with every passing second.

Whenever something strange happens, but something good comes of it, Vethu is credited. Whether it be a promotion because the guard-captain you hated got smote by a Giant or a young beauty being selected to dance instead of another because at the time, the other was in mid sneeze.

Vethu is often times prayed to when all hope is lost or a situation is absolutely beyond someone’s control. No one truly wishes to invoke this Goddess’ madness except those who either have no choice or have gone mad themselves.

Most non-cursede avoid praying to the Goddess of Change as, generally, her way of change is often times not better than the current way of things. Those who embrace Vethu’s changing ways are sometimes rewards, but again, usually not int he way they had hoped.

Vethu has an additional effect on Alteria. If an individual speaks the Unspeakable Curse, they, in essence, invoke Vethu. The Unspeakable Curse is a mix of emotional extremes that burst forth from an individual in the form of essence, often in times of great anger, sorrow or remorse.

Once the Unspeakable Curse has been invoked, Vethu is given free reign to intervene, Reveling in the idea of helping people, Vethu performs whatever request is made, often times changing it to a ‘better’ version, much to the dismay of the being that brought forth the Unspeakable Curse.