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Physical Depictions:
Kurthal, God of Pride and Shame is the most bestial looking of the gods. His brow is heavy and the tusken look of his followers is more prominent in the massive God than his creations.

His eyes glow an eerie green and his skin tends to shift its colour scheme to better remain concealed in his environment. Unlike the other Gods, Kurthal has more of a muzzle than a nose.

Kurthal’s ears are pointed at the tips and pierced in the lobes with the two great tusks of a mighty Tusker matriarch. A symbol of his prowess in combat and legends say, when he finally chooses a mate, he will pierce her ear with one of the Tusker’s mighty tusks.

His hair resemble quills, going from the top of his head to his mid back. This mane of quills is said to have been made from the time he fought the great Razorspine. Every quill that had stabbed Kurthal, the God pulled from its place and pierced his own back with it, so that all would know of his victory over the great beast.

Around his neck is a necklace made of heads. This gruesome display is more an honorary thing to the Savages, for if your deeds are so great that Kurthal acknowledges your prowess, your head is placed upon his necklace of Champions. This ensures that you can witness all the great battles of the God and also so that when Kurthal wishes to hear more of your tale, he merely needs to ask.

Powerful shoulders descend into massive arms that almost reach the ground when Kurthal stands upright. Upon his arms are scars from battles fought long ago. Across his massive chest, Kurthal wears nothing, but his waist is encircled by the body of a great sandwyrm, supposedly always inflicting pain into the God in order for him to appreciate the fight.

Under the cinch of the worm, a subligar is fastened to the God’s crotch. Two pwoerful legs descend into powerful thighs. The mighty thighs have teeth, swords, spears and all manner of weaponry still stabbed into them, from all manner of cultures, races and beasts.

Kurthal’s feet are bare and are often depicted as a simple two-toed design.

Kurthal is known as the God of Pride and Shame. Often simply regarded as the God of the Hunt, Kurthal is also associated with revenge or showmanship. If a novice decides to become better at a blade than his rival, he would pray to Kurthal to keep him on the path to glory.

Often prayed to by those with something to prove, Kurthal’s followers are one of the only races who do not pray for Glory, they merely pray for their God’s attention when they are ready to face whatever challenge they have been preparing for.