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Physical Depictions:
Lo’Ani is a golden-skinned beauty with elongated ears. From her scalp, large, beautiful pedals swoop down and curl upwards around her shoulders. These pedals have been depicted as different patterns of colours, but they are most often depicted as pink to purple hued. Her necklace of dew drops often times float among her hair.

A face of divine beauty is often described – so beautiful that most artists conceal Lo’Ani’s visage behind a smiling mask. Her eyes are seas of blue that are said to be able to entrap any Race’s essence with a mere gaze.

A slender neck descends into a bodice that could only belong to a Goddess. She dons a dress made of flowers and across her ample breast is a necklace made of forever swirling dew drops.

Her immaculate tits are always hidden beneath her bodice, for no mortal could ever gaze upon such perfection without dropping dead. The skin-tight flower dress opens like a flower at her hips, with the green-like dress fading into vibrant pink petals on one side, which descends to her feet.

One of her legs is laid bare from beneath the dress, while the other is hidden from sight. The bare leg is often depicted as having vines or roots swirling about it into a swirling design. Sometimes these vines are depicted with thorns while others the vines are depicted with blooming flowers – both of these depend on what the mood of Lo’Ani is at the time of the depiction.

Lo’Ani is the Goddess of Beauty and Disgust. Those who wish to catch the eye of their beloved often invoke Lo’Ani’s name or pray to Lo’Ani for tips or tricks on how to attract the one they desire.

When love wilts and only hatred remains, Lo’Ani is also invoked in order to try and demand retribution against the cur who had wronged the person invoking the Goddess’ name.

A common saying among most races is “Lo’Ani’s tits.” This is a reference to the constant bragging of Elves and the perfection of their Goddess – specifically their Goddess’ chest. As every Elf has declared that Lo’Ani has immaculate tits, but no one is allowed to see it, most races have gotten tired of hearing about them.

Often times it’s used as a sort of “Not this again” style of complaint.