Neutrals – Ith’Ir’s Chosen

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Ith’Ir’s chosen are the least assuming of all the races of Alteria. No claws, no tails, no scales. The closest possible resemblance their original pale-faced forms. Simply moulded to look like Ith’Ir.

For this reason, all the other races consider Ith’Ir’s children to be Neutrals – a term played off by the fact that Ith’Ir took a neutral stance during the Godwar.

Their flesh ones range from pale white to a deep brown. Their hair goes from platinum blonde to red,with some even having pure black but most of the hair colours reside in the muddy brown area.

Their body types range from short and squat to tall and lanky with a myriad of shapes in between. If there is one thing that makes Neutrals the same, it’s the fact that they are all different and do not have many of the obsessions of the other races.

Neutrals are the shortest lived of the Gods’ followers. While they may only last about 75 years, the Neutrals’ ability to thrive is unmatched. They have the largest population among the chosen few and their advances in magic and the ability to overcome most challenges is somewhat of a shock to the other races, considering where the Neutrals began.

Neutrals live in a constant balance of peace and war. The entire Neutral Plane is separated into Kingdoms, Fiefdoms, Empires and Provinces. All believe that they are the greatest group to live among and look at any other peoples in the horizon with distrust and contempt.

From border to border, the personality of the people can change. Some are happy with their lot in life, others are on the verge of overthrowing whomever is in charge. For the most part, it’s always best to know what the local climate is like before opening one’s mouth.

While they have a strong, cultural community, there are always those that suffer and those that thrive in every internal society among the Neutrals. The Neutrals have by far the most varied of towns in architecture, design and atmosphere.

Some have even incorporated immigrant designs from the other races in order to make due with what they have available. As such, temples to every God and Goddess are scattered throughout the Neutral’s plane, as it was considered a neutral zone during the great Godwar and has since become home to many refugees who are caught in between quarrels, disputes, wars and other diplomatically charged situations.

Ith’Ir is claimed to be the first of the Gods to come to Alteria through the Oculus. He looked upon his Plane and watched as the others molded their own.

From lush, green areas shaped in the whim of Lo’Ani to rivers made of raging hot lava made in the rage of Jer’Zail, Ith’Ir carefully watched all of his siblings make their lands before he began to make his own.

Taking cues from the other Gods and secretly incorporating their essence into his designs, Ith’Ir had jungles, like that of Kurthal, fields of flowers and forests like Lo’ani, mountains that spewed flame like Jer’zail, cisterns and caverns like Dershan and floating isles like the lands of Sermali.

From his land, the first pale faced creatures came. Ith’Ir created them from the essence around him – borrowed essence from the other planes . They were workers, made to work his land and ensure that his Plane were to remain in its state.

Ith’Ir took his little pale faced creatures and scattered them across the other planes as gifts for his siblings for having allowed him to use their essence, even if they were unaware of his theft.

He kept a cadreof the pale-faced creatures for himself and waited to see what the other Gods did with his little workers. He watched every God take his creation and transform them into their own likeness.

As Ith’Ir was both the God of Peace and War, he watched quietly and waited, for his patience was only truly rivaled by Sermali. When all the Gods safe Vethu and Cindrani had changed his gifts to fit their own design, Ith’Ir set to work on his own.

He molded the palefaced creatures to mimic his own physical form. No wings sprouted from their back like the Seraphs of Sermali. No talons on their feet, or thick hide like the Abyssals of Jer’Zail. No stone in their form like Dershan’s Scribes.

His followers remained mostly the same, but gained the definition of Ith’Ir’s mighty jaw, the frame of his broad shoulders and the rigid posture he was known to have.

When he was done making their looks, Ith’Ir smiled and pulled tight on the tiny essence weaves that branched out through the 6 other planes of Alteria. From them, he took Essence from the other Pale-faced creations.

He imbued his creations with Jer’zail’s tenacity. Instilled Dershan’s insatiable appetite for knowledge within their bellies. Entrusted Sermail’s wisdom to their minds. Swelled up their chests with Kurthal’s pride. Granted them Lo’ani’s beauty and grace and finally, gave them Quel’Lan’s gift of balance.

When he was done, he incinerated the tethers he had to the other creations. The other Gods were unaware of Ith’Ir’s plan and when they looked upon his small, weak, bland creations, they all laughed – all but Quel’Lan who proclaimed that these were by far the most interesting creatures any of the Gods had made – even more interesting than her own Dragons.

Unique Traits:
Ith’Ir’s Chosen are special in one, very specific way: They are the most versatile race, Where some are so rooted in their God’s ways, the Neutrals are free to follow their own path.

This does not mean they do not revere Ith’Ir. It just means that it allows them a wider variety to deal with things – it’s generally why Neutrals are usually considered natural diplomats among the other races.

Due to being constituted from all the other planes’ essence (Other than Cindrani and Kethu), the Neutrals have the ability to empathize with all beings and, due to this, often times are accepted among the other races where others would be shunned.