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Physical Description:
Often depicted with hair that traced a rainbow wherever she went, Quel’Lan was the flashiest of all the Gods. Pristine white skin that sparkled in both the day and night cycles, Quel’Lan was never unnoticeable.

Long, luscious locks of colour rise from her scalp and descend over her shoulders. The ends of her hair constantly leaving a trail of their respective colours. Her skin sparkles like a rare gem refracting light, but seems as smooth as silk.

From her forehead, a single, straight, golden horn is seen, decorated with two floating of rings. One of fire and one of water, fire at the base and water at the tip.

Her eyes are a swirl of essence, no iris visible within the endless looping of magic. Tiny fangs for incisors and canine teeth are visible when she is shown to be smiling.

Sprouting from Quel’Lan’s back is a set of butterfly wings, their ethereal, gossamer like look matching the otherworldly appearance of the Goddess.

Her body is mostly bare, safe for the colourful scales that cover up her naughty bits. She is well toned and while not as beautiful as her eldest sister, she is not lacking in her own strange form of beauty.

From her posterior, a tail that matches her hair grows, flowing out like a rainbow and disappearing in the same fashion.

From her knees, a strange, thick, white fur follows the contour of her digigrade legs until ending in crystal horse-hooves.

Quel’Lan was widely considered the Goddess of Balance. Good and Evil, right and wronge. Justice and Injustice alike. Since her death, however, not many people pray to her or invoke her name, most people do not know what a dead God is capable of and even fewer would want to find out.

In the time before the Strife, Quel’Lan was often prayed to by all other races as she is also considered the Goddess of Magic.

Having gifted the mortals with the ability to influence essence about them with her talent of magic, Quel’Lan was beloved by many of the other Gods’ followers – Just another reason she got stabbed in the back.

With Quel’Lan’s death signalling the end of The Strife, chaos ensued among the mortal races. For a long time, people felt as though right and wrong had no meaning and their acts truly showed for it.

As time moved on, however, a natural balance was met with The Order of the Nine Planes taking Quel’Lan’s place as keepers of the balance.