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Physical Depiction:
Sermali is depicted as a four winged Goddess, wearing a helm that covers her eyes, forehead and a portion of her nose. Long hair flows from beneath the helm and floats endlessly on the wind that her very existence creates. Her feet are never depicted as touching the ground unless the scene is indeed dire. She is often shown as floating, allowing herself to be at eye level with the other Gods.

Sermali’s neck is perfectly visible for all to see and the robes she wears allow her to keep her modesty. From behind, the robe she wears hangs low to allow for her four wings to pass through. Feathers trail from the point of the wings and disappear completely upon reaching her elbow, but her entire back is covered in the plumage, its colour ever shifting with her mood.

Slender arms and a small frame, Sermali is the shortest of the Gods. She is dressed in flowing robes that are adhered to her body via golden clasps and small, silver chains. The robes themselves cover the front and read of the Goddess, but the sides are open to the winds, only held in place by the few clasps and chains that attach the two sides together.

From her lower back, a long tail of feather fans out, trailing behind her like a long dress. When extended, the tail feathers reach over her head and fan out into a giant semi-circle.

Her thighs resemble a normal person’s, but at her knee, the limbs fade away into bird-like appendages that end in three talons. These bird legs are yellow in appearance and the talons at the end of her toes are always depicted as sharp,

Sermali is the Goddess of Wisdom and Naivety. Also noted as a Goddess who enjoys playing games with those around here and never being direct, most Seraphs follow in their Goddess’ wake, never truly saying their true intent until it is within their reach.

She is prayed to when someone is at their wits end with someone else. She is prayed to when someone needs to figure out a new approach to a situation.