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While Invoking the Gods is the most common form of magic found on Alteria, there is a far more insidious means to attain what a caster wants. Those who delve deep into the intricacies of essence are capable of drawing essence directly from all living things around them. This form of magic is known as siphoning.

In order to siphon essence, one must either be born with the innate ability to interact with essence or they must commit to rigorous study about the way essence flows and ebbs through out Alteria. While weaving oneself is the knowledge of how essence interacts with the individual, siphoning is the knowledge on how all essence interacts together.

Siphoning is considered incredibly taboo, incredibly rare and incredibly dangerous. Many sorcerers, and sorceresses who have delved into the madness that is siphoning have met their end channeling a spell only to have their own essence devoured to power the spell. Such is the danger of siphoning magic.

For some specific species across Alteria, siphoning is natural. Some Abyssals are born with the innate capability to siphon. Most Unclaimed instinctively know a means to which they can refill their own continually depleting pool of essence via this method. Whether truly an evil art, siphoning is constantly a debate among the higher courts of magic. It is widely accepted that anyone who uses siphoning is to be avoided (With exception to the Succubus Queen, because diplomacy and the like)