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The History of the Succubus Queen

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Creation of the Succubus:
Jer’zail loved his creations, but, being as he was a God, any he would lay with would be undone by his essence. To remedy this, Jer’zail created a consort from his own blood.

He fed his blood to a follower until she was swollen with his essence. Once her body could contain no more, he merged the two together in the intense heat of his breath into the first Godblooded creature. Not born from the loins of a lesser creature, but fused with the essence of a God’s blood, the Succubus became one of the most powerful creatures across the 9 planes.

Jer’zail made a handful of these concubines. They were not only capable of receiving his essence but they craved his Godly essence and they did not know what to do when he would leave for his talks with the other Gods.

Any of those who would dare sleep with their Master’s harem would die, for the Succubus was made to accept a Godly reception of essence, not some paltry mortal’s life force.

So much was their essence twisted into that of reception of life energies that they were the first creature capable of Siphoning. A trait that makes them far more formidable of an opponent to any that would cross them.

After The Godwar:
When Jer’zail entered the Strife, the Succubus’ went mad. No longer would they receive the Godly essence they craved from their creator. They would be forced to starve off the scraps of those around them.

Strong individuals who were filled with essence could satiate them for a time, but with twelve Succubus about, those pickings became slim and where one found a hearty meal, another would starve.

Eventually, the original Succubus killed one another until only one remained. She was crowned queen of the Abyssals. A Succubus can only be impregnated by something that contains Godly essence. There are few creatures among the 9 planes that match this, but a succubus is almost immortal in its lifespan due to its constant feeding off of others.

There have been 6 Succubus Queens since the original. All have been undone by their successor, a Succubus born from their copulation with a Paragon of the Gods. The current queen even had her sister killed off so she could claim the crown.