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Infusion (Weaving)

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Essence infusion, spoken in common parlance as ‘weaving’ is a horrible process that all Champions must be put through. It is a rigorous, torture-like experience that must be undergone before the body becomes fully developed – the best time being just as puberty begins to set in.

Infusion works by building up the natural Essence of an individual through ritualistic ceremonies in which a Champion in training is unraveled of essence and as they remain in this terrifying state between being unmade, more essence is pressed into the essence stream of the individual. This process continues until it is impossible to infuse anymore essence into the Champion, thereby ensuring they are literally at their physical peak.

The lucky Champions who survive this process to its final stage with no ill effects are given the title of Champion and are deemed worthy of facing the horrors that lurk in Alteria. Those who survive, but are twisted, maimed or otherwise incapable of continuing their training are often recruited into the administration of The Order – filing books, delivering contracts, working conduits or serving as guides or custodians of The Order’s great halls.

Infused individuals are capable of astounding feats of strength, agility and stamina. An infused person could easily best 10 Neutrals in a test of strength, jump to the top of a castle in a single bound or survive and the airless vacuum of the void for a few minutes before expiring due to lack of air.

The secrets of weaving are only known to two types of people: those who study the subject matter intensely, and Lo’Ani’s elves. While elves are capable of self-weaving themselves in order to attain perfection, like their Goddess Lo’Ani, those who study it are often times under the employ of The Order as the act of trying to weave other people as an amateur often ends with catastrophic results.