You had all this time in line and you didn’t get your paperssssss? I mean, papers? Honestly. This is why the line is always so slow.

Speaking of papers, it’s time for another exciting adventure with:

Hasera and Lark Review

The Sundown Boys

This one’s still pretty new, so there’s not much to review. I will say, it certainly does a good job on staying mysterious. It takes place on one of those ‘futuristic’ planes with ‘science’ and whatever those people use. The story follows Adrienne who is an orphan from some kind of destroyed plane. She is some kind of bad-ass fighter and is to inherit some Future-Duke’s estate. Turns out, that might not be in her future.

The colouring is nice and the art is easy on the eyes. The action feels like it has some serious oomph behind it, but there hasn’t really been enough to slake my need for wanton destruction my curiosity. The allure of this comic comes from what the reader doesn’t know.

I’d recommend this story to anyone who wants to get in on the ground level of a new comic that looks like it has a real future ahead of it, even if there is a serious lack of skimpy clothing. I mean, maybe a halter top or something? Do they have lingerie in the future? like The New Order Wyrm Burger: Made from the finest of Abyssal Wyrm chitin to give it that extra crunch! Go on out and buy one today with a side order of magi-fries! Now on sale at the nearest The Plane of Taste family dining halls!

(I swear, I think someone’s editing my messages before they go out. DRAGONS ARE DOUCHEBAGS! That would be ridiculous. No one would do such a thing. Also, Dragons are amazing and should be revered!

The Sundown Boys seems like it’s going to be an interesting story. As it stands, there’s not much out there, but it certainly starts off with a good heap load of mystery in its attic, a lot like dad’s attic. What he kept up there never made much sense to me. Adrienne is a young woman who has been adopted by some powerful man and is being saddled with a whole lot of responsibilities, responsibilities that she would have probably much rather had a say in, but of course not, ‘I know best’ and ‘you have no idea what you want’. I was ten, dad! which her half-brother is too much of a dickhead to realize he shouldn’t have. Too bad blood is thicker than water.

The art style is interesting – the designs are remarkable, yet subtle. It’s stylized to a degree, while keeping itself well grounded in proportions and the use of perspective angles. The technical side is pretty good, but I find the style of the art is what makes it stick out more than the technical work. The expressions really work well with the style, even though some of them are just downright creepy.

I can’t really recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a sprawling story that’s got a deep root or a long archive, but for those who are not looking for a thousand page backlog and just want to start on a grand adventure in the future’ plane, I’d say that this is right up your alley!