Either he’s the crassest SOB that ever did live, or he’s being brutally honest with her.

Or, you know, maybe a little bit of both? I’m sure Hasera has some quick-witted quip coming up on the next page.

Speaking of quips, now is the time for another thrilling…

Hasera and Lark Review:

Careful Going

This one’s a little on the newer side of things. With only 40-odd pages, it’s hard to give the story any kind of review short of: There’s not much to go on. So, the story follows a girl. The girl can’t speak, there are ships and politics involved and overall, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on – but that’s normal for something this new.

The art’s okay. There’s a bit of action here and there, but it doesn’t last long. Guy gets his hand mangled pretty badly though. I think the artist needs to spend a little more time on making their backgrounds up to par with their artwork, but it might be an artistic choice to make the characters ‘pop’ more.

Like I said, it’s pretty short. I’d say to give this thing a once over to see if it interests you. It only really updates once a month with a stack of pages, so it might be a wise idea to check it out every three months or so to see what’s been going on. Until the story picks up, that is.

A new comic! That’s fantastic! It’s always nice to see more stories and creators who are willing to put their work out there for others to look at! So, this story follows a girl named Telem who doesn’t seem to be able to speak. She’s on board a ship with her older brother when they’re attacked. The two are captured and we find out that their brother, Trent, is part of the crew that had attacked the ship. Telem doesn’t seem to like Trent at all. That’s pretty much the story, so far, but it’s got a an air of mystery behind it

The art is okay. The characters are well drawn and there has been some marked improvement in the artist’s abilities since the beginning of the story. The only real drawback are the backgrounds. They feel like they’re lacking depth. When they are shadows in the background, that’s fine, but a few of them, when front and center, just appear to be flat, one coloured walls with minimal detail – this would work great if the comic were something like Hunter Black – where everything was less detail, but the meshing between the detail on the characters and the dullness of the backgrounds is a pretty hard contrast.

Overall, it’s got an interesting start. This comic needs some time to grow before it can get a fair shake, but I’d recommend it to people who are interested in seeing a comic, and its artist, grow as time goes on. Like I said, there are some improvements in the art within the first 40 pages – a feat that I hope continues in the long run because this comic looks like it has a neat story to tell.