Hasera is very bad at getting the hint. Speaking of hints, if there any other webcomics that you know of that you’d like these two to have a gander at, post them in he comments. Sammy is a great webcomic production wise, but it has so few pages that I want to give it a few more months before it gets a full-frontal review from these two.

That being said, the Hasera and Lark Reviews will be done on Thursdays, starting next week. As there haven’t been many people requesting anything, it only seems appropriate to lower the amount of reviews done too one per week as to allow for some reading time to properly delve into some of these longer webcomics. In the event that no one has suggested something for review, a webcomic at random will be selected and reviewed by the ‘heroic’ duo and we’ll just go from there.

See you all Monday!