Let’s face it. We all knew this was going to happen.

Speaking of precognition, it’s time for another surreal…
Hasera and Lark Review


This is a long one. It takes place on a Neutral Plane and followed a little cursed girl with sharp teeth, a tail and an attitude that would win her a one way trip to The Strife if she were to be around me with it. It moves o to explore a well detailed world that, honestly, is pretty hard to explain? They all live in a Goddesses’ womb… It’s pretty weird stuff.

The art is absolutely jaw dropping. There is never a dip in quality and it starts at such a strong point that it’s almost impossible to think that it would improve – and yet, it does. Even the medium used to share the story becomes part of the story throughout the telling. It really is an exceptional piece of work to look at. Too bad there aren’t that many hot chicks. Might’ve got a higher praise if I had some characters to ogle. I bet Hass would love this beyond compare.

The overall package of Unsounded is great. The only real issues I found with it was the beginning and the cast size. Sette is such a pain in the neck to listen to and wonder why Duane didn’t cast some kind of spell to just tie her up or levitate her into doing what he wanted is absolutely beyond me. Probably has to do with his backstory, which would be tragic, if I wasn’t me. The side characters start at a small amount and just branch out into a plethora of characters whose names I have trouble remembering because the reader goes chapters in between showing them… And then it keeps going, like a blasted Elven family tree.

I’d recommend everyone to go to Unsounded as soon as they’re done reading this. It will take a long while to get through, but by Ith’Ir, it is totally worth it. This is one of those you wanna keep reading, even when you run out of pages.
How could I not have known about this comic!? This thing needs to be on everyone’s ‘most watched’ list. The fact that I’m just hearing about this now is just beyond me. The story follows and adorably crass little Cursed girl named Sette and her attack zombie sorcerer named Duane. Throughout the story, more characters are introduced, both villains and heroes as well as anti-heroes, but overall, the cast is very heavy. The only real downside is that there isn’t a lot of shipping potential.

The art is amazing. I’m floored by how absolutely astounding this masterpiece is. Words don’t compare. you really do need to see it for yourself. From the establishing shots, perspective shots and the action in the work is so professional done that it makes me wonder why this isn’t found on shelves across all 9 planes. Seriously. Go look at this.

The whole of this comic is so easy to lose yourself in. The conflict of Duane and Sette. The mystery of Sette’s mission, the mystery of Duane’s past. The only thing that is difficult is trying to make sense of all the side stories that are happening in the background. I could spend hours trying to decipher all of the lore that’s going on between the characters. It’s a little overwhelming, to be honest.

I’d recommend anyone who wants to learn of a new, well fleshed out world take a look at this. If you’re into complicated backstories and intertwined characters arcs, this one should be at the top of your list. If you’re worried about getting lost in a rather complicated story, however, it might be best to take it slowly, as there is a LOT to binge read. Mind you, with the quality of the work, it’s pretty easy to burn through that archive.