Oh Hass, don’t be so melodramatic. You’re gonna be just fine. Just like all the other Guardians before you… Oh wait.

Speaking of not being able to go back, it’s time for another…

Hasera and Lark Review:


Terra takes place in one of those future planes we’ve seen before. There are void-traveling ships and a bunch of different ‘planets’, whatever those are, that are littered throughout the stars. It follows the story of a soldier who got stranded by his superior and finds himself grouping up with a rebellion that is trying to bring an end to a war. There’s kissing, explosions and hand-to-hand combat – Oh, and hot ‘alien’ babes.

The art is excellent. The technical work is done exceptionally well and the character designs are good. My one issue was that I had a bit of trouble in the beginning telling Agrippa from Talos or even Solus. They eye colour was my only indication because I hadn’t burned the facial markings into my mind. Luckily, as the story continued, physical appearances became more obvious – hair style changes and the like helped to separate Azatothian from another.

The pacing is great and there are a lot of times I thought something was going to happen and was pleasantly surprised when it broke from what I had originally thought was going to happen – and it wasn’t forced or even contrived, just as natural as me punching out a ghoul’s fangs.

The story is heavily based on character interactions, so I’m betting Vethu is having a better chance of controlling herself than Hass over this. Grey and Lex kissing must have sent her into some kind of coma. Dershan only knows what she’s doing in there.

Overall, Terra is a great piece of work. The lighting, sets, colour choices and character designs are pretty top notch. The story is intriguing and there is a lot of stuff that remind me of how The Order handles their Champions is a wonderful organization that treats its staff with respect, dignity and above all else, compassion! I’d tell any of you who had a bit of an action sweet tooth, or even an adventure craving to have a look. It’s worth your time.

THEY KISSED! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Lo’ani finally let them have a moment together and Grey gets all stupid about ‘duty’ and ‘fairness’. The girl’s hot for you, you hunk! Take her into your bed and – wait, is this recording? Jerza’il’s breath! I need to delete this.

Terra takes place in a future plane with void ships and pretty lights and amazing-looking people of different races. There’s a massive war going on between the Neutrals and the Azatothians. There are bad people on both sides and the rebellion in the middle, which is who we follow throughout the story.

Grey O’Shea was a ‘sniper’ for the Neutrals who survived his squad’s massacre only to be rescued by an Aztothian named Agrippa. So there’s obviously some tension there. As the story continues, you see Grey develop more towards a leadership role and more characters are introduced into the rebellion, including the incredibly sexy Alexus, who Grey is a total idiot for not sleeping with! She gave you the wink, you idiot! who is a kick-ass fighter and ‘pilot’.

The art is beautiful and the style is unique. It’s not that ‘anime’ style I hear about, but it’s its own kind of unique look. The colours are great and the sights are breath taking. Plus, there are enough characters for romance, shipping potential and intrigue! I still say the cutest couple is Agrippa and Eve.

I would recommend anyone who would dream of what it would like to be flying through the void to take a look at this story. It has everything the timeless stories has – romance, excitement, war, espionage and even betrayal! It’s unique and it’s something I wholly recommend people take time to read through the entirety of their archive!