We all know Lark’s going to sleep with a succubus at one point or another. The real question is: will Lu be joining in?

With the continued pain in Alli’s wrist, My Hero! will continue to try and update once a week until the situation returns to normal. Alli recently saw a doctor who informed her she needed to take a full-on test to see what the problem is, but was informed that whatever it was – it had caused damage to some of the muscles in her hand (near the thumb, mostly). We’ll keep you all posted on the conditions.

Suffice to say, we’re going to be updating as much as we can, but Alli will be only working when her wrist is capable of holding out. Hopefully we can get this fixed and return to our planned schedule in the near future. Fingers crossed (No, not you, Alli, you’ll hurt yourself)