In the ‘Handbook for dealing with the various indigenous creatures across all 9 Planes of Alteria’, there is a specific chapter dedicated to the Abyssal Wyrm. It states the following:

In the event that you find yourself before an Abyssal Wyrm and there is no Champion, larger abyssal wyrm, Paragon, God-Blood or God present, follow these simple steps:

1) Put your hands on your knees
2) Bend over
3) Kiss your butt good-bye

As it is required reading for any Champion of The Order of Nine, it would appear that Hasera has decided to not follow the procedures set forth by The Order. This will probably get her a fine.

Speaking of required reading, it’s time (finally) for another:

Hasera and Lark Review:

Random Battles

Let me start this off by saying this: I don’t get the whole ‘magical girl’ thing. I’m not sure what it’s about. I will say, however, that Jenny and Nicole would’ve gotten along great when Jenny was younger. So, Random Battles takes place in some future-plane place. Nicole is the daughter of two hotties, Mai and Nancie. She’s just moved some some Kethu-loving place named Bebop Isles and it looks like the fun is only starting.

Soon enough, she finds herself surrounded by giant Cursed, a conspiracy about whatever Gods there are on the Bebop Isles and a long-awaited reunion between the forces of Good and Evil.

The art, while in black and white, is well done. The lines are crisp, the characters are proportionate and the artist knows very well how to give off proper expressions and emotional queues. The story is solid and the characters are fun to watch go back and forth. The various good-looking women are all interesting to see, but I sort of wish we could see a little bit more of them – if you know what I mean. I personally don’t recall The Champion’s Hall being as lax as this Bebop Isle’s school.

It’s a good story and it really does lend itself well to the medium. If you’re looking for a fun romp of mysteries, little girls fighting big monsters, family troubles and incredibly well done visuals, then I’d say to check Random Battles out.


I can relate SO much with Nicole! When I was younger, I was really into the Chronicles of Lark. I wanted to devote my life to the legend of this Champion of the Common Folk. Sadly, as you grow up and begin to realize your dreams, you find that they’re smellier, hairier and far more cynical than you ever thought possible.

So, the story starts with Nicole being the new girl in this place called The Bebop Isles and it really reminded me of when dad dropped me off at The Order. I was trying to make a good first impression and all everyone really did was give me sideways glances because of my dad. Nicole makes a few friends (and rivals) who enjoy something called ‘Shieldmaiden’ – a series of make-believe books that depict young girls fighting against huge monsters.

As it turns out, the Bebop Isles have their own ‘Shieldmaidens’ that are referred to as Magical Girls. Nicole really wants to be one and it looks like she’s going to find out that hard way that you should always be careful what you wish for.

The art style is so cute! I really love the style that has been used for this – it’s so lively and bouncy! Nicole and her moms are so adorable! The one downside to the style is it’s hard to take some of the serious tones, well, serious. They look so cute! The story really dragged me in. The relationship between Mai and Nancie was interesting at the very least and the whole ‘who are they’ mystery really has me trapped into wanting to read more.

If you enjoy light-hearted, well drawn art, fun and mysterious plots and incredibly adorable shenanigans about young girls who just want to be heroes, I would highly advise you to take a look at Random Battles!