Lark acts as if he doesn’t even care about the immense amount of collateral damage that has occurred. One could surmise that this might be because his ego needs massaging, or one may convince themselves that perhaps he has seen enough destruction in his life that it’s become just an endless cycle. Or, you know, he’s just unobservant.

No Lark and Hasera review this week. Sadly, there was a slight manufacturing defect in the Surface Alli has purchased two years ago. A pin-point fracture in the glass of the touch screen of Alli’s Surface that could not be seen by the naked eye has completely cracked the Surface’s, well, surface. We’re sending it in to the shop so we won’t lose any time between updates, but it’s a hefty bill (600$) out of nowhere for a product that isn’t even three years old yet( We paid 900$ for the bloody thing!).

That being said, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a bust drawn, as Alli is opening commission slots in order to help cover the expenses of fixing her ‘on-the-go’ tool for working on the comic (She uses it every day at work to try and keep the updates flowing for you lovely folks!). Below you’ll find prices and examples

If you wish to commission Alli, please send all requests to:

Please be respectful of the prices. If you have a particular image in mind that is not a bust, you can always send in a details description and we can get back to you with a potential quote. Prices are subject to change depending on the detail requested and/or special addition people may want to put into their commission. As always, we thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you on Monday (With a new Hasera and Lark Review on Thursday!)