Did you honestly expect anything else? Honestly? No, I didn’t think so. If anything, Hasera would probably be flipping Lark the bird if she knew where he was planning on dragging her this morning.

Speaking of a little birdy, it’s time for another thrilling episode of…

Lark and Hasera Review:



What’s there to say about Silversong? It looks like it takes place on the Neutral realm, the main character is named Tebetha, she is a good looking woman who must be a Godblood of Lo’Ani due to her huge… tracks of land. Tebetha sometimes has dreams of current or future events. So I guess she’s like Nana, except not tiny, wrinkled and senile. Hopefully Tebetha doesn’t reach saturation anytime soon – she’s rather good looking and I wouldn’t mind if she scryed my future – if you know what I mean.

Tebetha is a girl who was raised in the middle of a forest by an overprotective father and a mother who is probably elven in some form. Her father is some kind of sorcerer and has some enchanted items lying around the house. So when Tebetha receive a premonition or ‘vision’, as they call it of a King being murdered, she decides to go off on a self-assigned quest which will probably end with her innocence being shattered like Vethu’s Occulus.

From there, she meets a Delver, or Eran as they’re called in Silversong, and things start to get rolling down the treacherous hill of adventure. With all the setup that’s being done, it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes next. To me, it sounds like any other day when I walk into a new kingdom – dead king, fight for power, someone pulling the strings in the background – usually ends with a climatic battle atop the ramparts and by the end, the requirement for a new castle to be built.

The art has a water-color style to it, is very pleasant to look at and the amount of detail is excellent. It stands on its own in terms of style and colour composition. The use of the panels is interesting as well. There are scenes of a horse running through a town with panels designed in the shapes of the houses in order to give the urban-aesthetic to the scene without devoting the entire background to showing the scenery go by. An excellent technique.

The main villain is introduced and while she may look like an Unclaimed, she reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends in personality. Suffice to say, I’d take the Socha villain over my ex anyday.

The one downside I’d have to attribute to Silversong is the scheduling of the pages. With a story this interesting, it irks me to see only one update a week, but if that’s what the artist can do, that’s perfectly fine and I’m willing to wait.

I do suggest people read this one, if not for just looking at Tebetha, do it for looking at her… uh… land. Yeah.


Silversong is an absolutely beautifully drawn and coloured story that takes place in a Kingdom far away on another plane that resembles the Neutral plane. I absolutely adore Tebetha and I think I relate with the poor girl. Over-protective father, isolated from people, father is a powerful magic wielder. Has issues with obeying authority… Well, less the last one. I mean, if she could summon i-er-ncreasingly powerful magical barriers, then we’d totally be like sisters!

Tebetha has the ability to pierce the fabric of her plane and see visions of the future, present and potentially, past – much like the famed Oracles – the ones gifted with sight into the Gods’ plans. She also seems to speak in gibberish whenever she gets flustered.

So when Tebetha divines the death of a King, she pockets what little jewelry she has and takes off from her home. I tried that once. Got me locked in a loop of the living room for a day. Most infuriating thing dad ever did to me. She reaches town, meets some not-so-nice individuals and gets introduced to the ‘Eran’, or Delver as we call them around here, Garfric. A nice enough fellow and about as secretive as any of Dershan’s scribes.

I don’t really want to ruin anymore of the story, but I do have to say that I cannot wait for Bowen and Tebetha to start all those possible relationship threads! They’d be perfect together and they’re so cute! I just can’t wait!

The art is so pretty it makes me excited just talking about it. The use of the water-colour like backgrounds really does give the world a whole ‘whimsical’ feel and the use of the borders to accent some of the subject matter gives a normally unseen insight to the reader as to what emotions are being drawn upon – thorns for a prickly subject, water for a time moving on with the stream, swirls for chill in the air of a scene. It does add a unique flare to the whole setting.

In later pages, the hand-drawn water-color does get phased out for a more sustainable style, but that’s not a bad thing. It is interesting to see that the background are still somewhat painted while the characters have taken a more blocked in color combination.

All in all, it’s a nice, well-timed story with pleasant to look at artwork and characters. The villain, whom I will not spoil, even though she looks like an Unclaimed who has begun to fade, is intriguing and the overall package is definitely worth people’s time.