Welcome to 2018! A new year with new things on the horizon! We’d like to thank all of you for being patient with us as we took the Christmas/Holiday season off. It was rather stressful overall, but now that’s over and we can return to our regularly scheduled, two-times-a-week updates.

Speaking of our amazing fans, if you like My Hero! and think it deserves some more attention in the community, why not vote for us in the 2017 StFaire Excellence in Webcomics: People’s Choice Award? Every vote helps.

As for other news – My Hero! will be joining Comicadia in the near future. There will be links to the collective put up in various places on the site and there may even be a revamp of the entire page under way. Who knows!?

Thursday, expect a new addition to the Hasera and Lark Review, this time we’ll be dealing with something a little out of this world.

Oh, right, there are Abyssals on this page. Who knew?!