And we’re back! After the universe tried so hard to stop us, we have returned. It only took one power surge that blew up Alli’s monitor, the nefarious windows Ink update to stop Alli’s pen from registering, the software Alli uses to ink while not at her home computer to refuse to be re-installed while on vacation and a surly dwarf with not enough ale in his blood stream. Only one of those are made up – you can take a guess at which. But we’re back! We’ll be trying to return to 2 updates a week, but with all the fun things that happened, we did not have the ability to build up that buffer as we had hoped.

So we’re going to work hard at getting the 2 pages up and trying our hardest to build a buffer simultaneously! Wish us luck!

Also, some blue Abyssal shows up on this page. I’m sure he’s not important.