And now we reveal the “big bad” of My Hero!. The oversized, incredibly powerful Abyssal Overlord: Sasskra. There are only a few pages left of this chapter and then we’re on to the introduction of two more characters. Then, the next chapter will introduce Alli’s favourite character of My Hero!: Magnus. She can hardly wait for him to show up.

Alli also switched up her hair highlighting style. She has been thinking about going back to the OoME style of gradient shading, but the time it consumes is longer than the current cell-shaded style. We’ll be looking into various other tricks, tips or otherwise art-improving steps to increase our productivity and we would like to have your input on things you’d like to see.

Speaking of things you’d like to see, there’s still the Patreon feed for additional Alli arts (Adult content and stuff included at the 5$ mark).