Thus concludes Chapter 4! What does this mean for our heroes? If the big bad has already been witness to Lark’s death, how can this man be who he claims to be?! The next chapter is rather exposition heavy, so I’m sure at least some answers will be given (Nope. More questions).

With that said, we’d like to apologize for the randomness of the pages being posted. Alli’s been through a bit of a hell at her work and has started a new job due to some of the stress. With that being said, we’re going to be taking a break from updates until Alli gets into the swing of things at the new job. As it’s in the same field she’s accustomed to, it shouldn’t be too long of a break. We’re aiming to get our shit together for August 13th.

So until August 13th, please use the comments section to theorize what’s going on in the world of Alteria! We’re always happy to listen, chat and throw red herrings out to those that are getting too close to the truth!