And now for the introduction of my personal favourite couple, Morridan and Gurtie. They’ve been married longer than most folk have been alive and they argue more than Hasera and Lark. Truly, they are an inspiration.

We apologize for the LONG awaited update. Life threw a few curve balls and ate up our time. Not going to bore you with the details, so the summary is: Family got sick. Family got dog. Tornado hit nearby and knocked out power for a bit. Nothing out of the ordinary, I think?

Anyhow. We’re going to try our best to bring it back. Words of encouragement and the odd cookie are appreciated!

The Dog:

Shelby is a Basset Hound. She is stubborn, lovable and absolutely attached to Jim. Even though she’s supposed to be Alli’s dog. Alli doesn’t find it funny. Jim finds it hilarious.