Here is where things for Lark get… well, let’s be honest, normal. Introducing Alli’s favourite character of the series: Magnus. Who is he? What does he do? What’s his contribution to the whole story? Well, I will be flatly honest with you, he is a linchpin. Just make sure he never hears you say that to him.

Yes, I am totally going to ignore what Magnus said. No, I will not dignify it with a response. I will let you, the wonderful fans and readers of My Hero! try and figure out what that means. Let’s see who can guess what that horrid sentence entails!

Speaking of things entailing. Alli and I are in discussions with the artist of Errant Apprentice in order to try and speed up some of our processes coming into the next chapter. The idea is to have Kota ink the pages, thereby freeing up All’s time she dedicated to inking to producing more pages.

It all sounds so elemental when we put it that way.