As most people guessed it, there was a makeover happening on this page – but not only for Hasera! Looks like everyone got a clothing upgrade! While it will be explored on the next page, here’s a quick editorial note about Guardian magic vs. Sorcerer magic.

Guardian magic uses and/or modifies essence. Be it through the projection of a shield, healing of a wound or expulsion of poison. Guardian magic is more potent, as it can affect someone directly, but the caster can usually only affect themselves or their soul partner at full potency. Anyone else would get a fraction of the effect.

Sorcerer magic affects things that are not beholden to essence. This includes material possessions, hair, the ability to conjure an element through changing of acute temperature localization and teleportation – but not through Conduits. Generally, Sorcerers are required to anchor an orb to a location, whereupon if it is shattered, it will recall everyone in the close proximity (depending on the spell) to the location in Alteria it was anchored to.

This means that a sorcerer generally must be at one point of another, been to a location to teleport to. Conduits are like taking a ride on a train. The destinations are set.

For the safest use of Conduits, both orbs and Conduits are used in order to guarantee the delivery of a person to where they want to go and not be scattered to the stars in a billion atoms.

So, don’t skimp on the tips when using a Conduit from the Order of the Nine…