HERE IT IS! There’s the cover page in full panel view!

Now I need to know… how do you all think this is going to end?

Speaking of wondering how things are going to end… It’s time for a requested review for another great webcomic, that also has just recently turned six years old! Give them a drop in and congratulate them on six years of updates!

This week, Lark and Hasera review:

The Monster under the bed [NSFW]


Alright. It’s been a while, so excuse me if I’m a little rusty. Today we’re looking at a comic called “Monster Under The Bed”. It follows the story of this kid named Tim and the Abyssal that lives under his bed and how they became a couple when they’re older.

It does kind of give away the ending of the main story, but I’m sure there are some twists and turns coming that I won’t be expecting. The Abyssals are quite good to look at, most seem to be your general, run-of-the-mill type of Abyssals. Shadow, the titular ‘monster under the bed’ does have horns and a heart shaped tail, but no wings, so she wouldn’t be a Succubus. Very close, maybe in this world the Succubi don’t have wings? How would you tell them apart from normal Abyssals? Ah well. Some worlds are weird that way. Still, if it meant not dying when you slept with them, maybe I should give that world a visit one of these days. Considering how most of their men look like they couldn’t bench press an empty keg, I think I’d have a good shot.

I spent too long on that. Anyhow. The art style is great. It has both an interesting look and a very good depiction of anatomy. The scenes where the Abyssals are less clothed are quite something to see and I can see why this comic has so many viewers. The story is solid, so far. Some of the twists to the story are well telegraphed, but it leaves me to wonder if this was the intent or if I’ve just had too many adventures.

I’d recommend you take a look at this story if you like a romantic comedy with a bit of a twist. There isn’t that big of an archive right now, so it’s a pretty easy read to get through and be caught up. As well, if you’re looking for some scantily clad, sometimes not clad Abyssals, it would certainly be worth your time.


While I’m sure my counter-part was more than happy to talk about the amount of gratuitous, articulate pictures there are of a female form, I will remain a more critical reviewer and talk more about the relationships between the characters, the story, the writing and all of the in-between. Unlike someone who will not be named and probably salivated all over the screen due to the well drawn and salacious content, I have my head on straight.

The story follows a young neutral named Tim and recounts his past with his now Abyssal lover, Shadow. The way they meet is cute and I’m sure there are going to be many more plot twists relationship forks and a plethora of other difficulties that are going to give us the readers butterflies in our stomachs.

Intrigue is mixed with drama as intertwined relationships, partners, love and sex are all thrown in tastefully, unlike those old, terrible Chronicles of Lark that are complete trash. The relationship between Tim and Shadow is quite believable and wonderfully highlighted against the other relationships happening on stage. Even the villains and villainesses have their time in the… er… spotlight with their little trysts of lust.

Sorry. Sorry. I said I’d not focus on the adult content, even if it’s really well handled in the comic. I… uh… I think I’ll just wrap it up here. The comic is good. The relationships are good and the adult content isn’t always there just to have it – there’s always a story-related, good reason to see what is being shown off. And boy, do they show off a lot – Sorry. Almost went down that hole again. Right. Sorry. Go read it, I need to go now.