After a few months of recovery, we are back! Not only back, but with a new shading style that Alli figured out. For those of you unaware, back in November, Alli was going through a bit of a mental breakdown. She is recovering and has been working on the comic whenever she has the energy for it.

Not only that, but she has been working on another project in order to keep her energy levels up. A project some of you might recall from the past. We’ll be showing that off when we feel it’s ready for you all.

Now then, to the… uhm… figure represented above. This is Monette. Monette is… … … Monette. She is the representation of “Don’t put your dick in crazy”. Yes, she may look like a good/fun time – and she will tell you that she is – but what comes after is… well… you’ll figure it out.