Lark is so done with the whole situation at this point. Lying about the reason he was summoned, going through the deadly trials and even having to sit at the table with his father for a few minutes was a stretch.

But now his mom changed his wardrobe? Yep. That’s it. Time to go.

Hasera, on the other hand, for some reason enjoys her newly found attire. I’m sure there’s nothing to read into at all.

As for the sporadic updates. The kids are home all summer and it’s become difficult to dedicate time specifically to the comic. Between me working and Alli having to wrangle the kids and the kids constantly demanding snacks every five minutes, we’ve run into a situation where almost all free time is dedicated to just unwinding and playing stupid, mindless video games like Sea of Thieves, Final Fantasy XIV or New World.

We’re still trying to make more pages, so please bare with us for the slowness of the updates. End of August should allow us to dedicate more time to uploading pages.

Thank you for your continued reading and we hope you enjoy the newly improved Order of the Nine.