Hey all,

It is with great sadness that I will be reporting on the status of My Hero! As it stands, it will be going on Hiatus. In the new year, we will be returning to Out of My Element and rebooting the story of Jillian. This time with more emphasis on the world of Tess’la and the intricacies of how everything between humans and elementals work. We learned a lot while doing My Hero! and while we had hoped to get to the final chapter, sadly, this will not be the case at this time.

I could provide lengthy texts about the entirety of the story, but you would miss out on Alli’s amazing artwork that helps to convey the over-the-top emotion of the characters and the fantastic colours of the world.

I could look for another artist that could continue to post the story, but this project was always meant for Alli’s vibrant colours and expressions.

We have been discussing the future of My Hero! and while we both love Hass and Lark, Alli’s been feeling more and more the urge to return to the project that we have considered our baby since we first penned the name. As an artist, it’s hard to fight a muse.

We know that this is a bit of a shock and it might make some of you unhappy. The pandemic kind of put somethings in focus for us – mainly that if we’re going to get our baby ever finished, we need to stop perfecting it and just tell it.

So we hope you come and join us in the new year over at OoME.

Thank you all for the time and support you’ve given us.