Hey guys, Things have been kinda crazy the last little while. As you know I had a stroke at the end of October and that really threw things off for me, it affected my entire balance system. I’ve been getting better slowly and hope to go back to work in a few months.

I also found out when I had said stroke that I have a hole in my heart that needs to get fixed. I am currently in the process of seeing what I need to do for that to be done.

All this to say that I started thinking and realized that I missed my babies. I missed my characters who started me on this crazy comic journey. And while I had stopped because I didn’t think I could do it, I wanted to try again and keep going.

I want OoME’s story to be told so badly because it means so much to both Jim and I.

So while it may be slow at times I’m going to be re-starting up where I left off in chapter 2 of OoME in March. I have a few pages of buffer so I hope that will help and hope that everyone will be patient with me as I give this another go.