Where is supposed to wear the veil? Over her boobs? If she did that, how are we supposed to call this comic NSFW? Jeeze. You people.

Speaking of people, let’s take another ride on the review train with:

Hasera and Lark Review

Gemutations: Plague

Gemutaitons: Plague follows the story of a Cursed named David who is trying to survive among a bunch of Neutrals who don’t really like Cursed, or Gemue, as they’re called in this plane. There’s some kind of disease break out that David and his kind are trying to keep under wraps. Things start going downhill in a bad way and David and his sexy landshark lady-friend Angelina are caught right in the middle of it all.

And man, some of those shark-ladies are rather fine. I know I wouldn’t mind hopping into bed with a Cursed like that. Just gotta watch for the teeth. Claws can be interesting at times, especially when they run them down your back while they’re… Sorry. Lost my train of thought. The story’s good and the characterizations are well done. Some of the original villain’s motivations are vague at the beginning, but as the story progresses, more of their reasoning comes to light.

The artist has gone through and redone some of their beginning pages and it makes the story shine quite well. The original beginning pages are rough, the words are sometimes hard to make out when Daniel is talking and the overall package is a little lackluster, but that’s because this was done a decade ago. As the story continues, there are less and less dialogue dumps that take place of the story because the artist/writer began to find their footing.

I would recommend Gemutations: Plague to anyone who wanted to read a good story with great characterization and character. Also, naked shark-ladies. I dunno. They’re hot. I’d do ’em.

This story takes place on one of those ‘future’ planes with ‘cars’ and ‘technology’. I don’t know why people are so interested in a world without magic. That would be like living under a rock and being happy that it’s always dark. Setting aside, the story itself is wonderfully engaging! I was on a thrill-ride while reading it. It had it’s ups and downs and it really left an impression.

I don’t know if the artist meant to do this, but there are some… ‘packages’ shown sometimes. I mean, I guess they could have used one of those censor bars or something but there wasn’t much to see. I mean, are they really that small? The stories always said they were hung like a horse. Maybe that’s only champions? It was a little surprising to see, but it didn’t detract from the whole.

The artist started in a pretty rough area and progressed into a more fluid and life-like style as time went on. Watching the art style grow page by page was something of a masterpiece in itself. You can see the progression of the artist with each and every chapter. By the end, the artwork is far more polished and is rather interesting to look at on its own!

I love David and Angelina so much! They are such a cute Cursed couple. The Cursed around here usually are soulless monsters that only think about survival or rounds. I do not hold any prejudices towards anyone of the Cursed allegiances. I hear they are all wonderful people and give to The Order a lot of rounds on a monthly basis, because they are good and only good people give that kind of money. Unlike me, who, in my fifteen years of being a Guardian in training, only gave Five rounds to The Order! Cheapskate! I’m so excited to see them live happily ever after. Of course, if the writer changes my head-canon, I’ll find her and force her to change it. Those two deserve happiness!

All in all, I’d recommend Gemutations to anyone who wants an engaging read. The characterizations and the actual way the story plays out is remarkable. The growth of the artist is a feat in itself and I would wholly recommend anyone and everyone to take a look at this one!