She goes around in public like that. I mean. The nerve. She knows the veil needs to be two inches taller, right? Honestly. Abyssals, am I right?

Speaking about the nerve, it’s time for another nerve wracking…
Haser and Lark Review:

Golden Sky Hero

This is more my kind of comic. Replace the kids with adults maybe and have some more nudity and you’ve have it set. As it is, it’s pretty decent, so let’s get down to it.

This story takes place on some Plane where the sun has stopped moving and things called Wolkhars are Delvers and Neutrals are everywhere else. There’s a kid named Artie who’s going to prove himself to be a man on his birthday and get some gem from a cave. I hear Morridan did something like that for his coming of age, but involved a lot more alcohol. He makes it out and suddenly is stuck going on an adventure to save his family and his town. Pretty straight forward, when you think about it.

Thing is, the story feels like it’s always going at a breakneck speed. Not a bad thing, as it gets you through the flow of the material pretty fast, but it does tend to blur the lines between the pages, so to speak. It’s a great read, don’t get me wrong. I just think it could do with a bit more parts where Artie can interact in the world without some quip or some joke happening.

Mind you, the jokes are fun. There are just a lot of them, like as if it was made as one of those stupid wonderful production pieces they keep doing about me, where the jack-ass playing me stands to the side and talks to the audience about how he’s going to defeat the next monster with his words, or some stupid analogy or such. like: Lark Rising, which is currently on tour with The Order of the Nine’s Thespian Guild, I highly recommend one and all partake in this fine display of art and humour. Tickets are on sale now at your local Order Guildhall.

The art is different. It’s not bad, it’s pretty damned good, honestly, but it takes a bit of getting used to. The whole things feels like a reference to something I’m not familiar with and if I can get the feeling of that without having a clue as to what it is, it must make those who do feel nostalgic or something

All in all, it’s a cute comic about a kid coming of age and having to deal with killing Cursed. Most of my bed time stories were like that, so maybe there’s some nostalgia coming from me. Then again, if there anything like the stories Magnus used to tell, it will end with him in some woman’s bed and my sister and I wondering what in the Nine we just listened to.

This little gem is hard to describe and Artis is such a sweet little kid. This whole comic is adorable in a smash monsters and have a good laugh at the stereotypical hero turned on its head kind of way.

The story takes place in a Plane a lot like the Ith’Ir’s Neutral plane. Trees, caves, all that good stuff. It follows a young boy named Artie who’s trying to follow in his father’s footsteps as some kind of great adventurer. He’s so adorable with that hair and his enthusiasm! There’s a whole ritual thing that I imagine Delvers do, but they’d never tell us – them and their secrets. And then things go bad for poor little Artie.

The art style is absolutely well matched to the story’s attitude. The aside jokes, the feel of the whole thing as a cute outside wrapped around this horrid and deep story. It reminds me of that play Dad took me to on my fifteenth birthday. I asked him for months to get us in to: The Lark Sings. He hated it. Kept making comments about ‘what really happened’. Like he was there or anything. It was pretty funny. A lot like Golden Sky Hero.

The weakest part of the whole thing is the fact that the audience knows so little of this amazing world Artie’s in. The scenery goes by so fast and quite a bit of time is spent to get the reader up to speed on everything going on – time that could be spent on expanding on the character or the world around him. It’s not bad, it’s just that it feels like some exposition dumps would be best left to one or two lines, rather than four or five panels.

My recommendation? Read this story. Even if you’re not into kids going on adventure, the art style and the life being breathed into this work is phenomenal. It deserves to at least be looked at once for its effort. I think a lot of people would take a shining to it if they were to give it a chance.

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