Such majesty! The void in its entirety… So many words, and yet… so few… And yet, on the same page, we have Lu doing finger-sex motions… Welp, there goes all THAT majesty.

Speaking of majesty, time for another issue of:

Haser and Lark Review

Soul’s Journey

Ok, so this plane looks a lot more like real life. Castles, kinds, people in stupid looking clothing. I can relate to this about that far. The part of the main character being turned into a Cursed wolf is a little outside of my experience, but still. This one’s a lot closer to my home plane than some of the other stories I’ve been reading as of late.

The story follows a prince who probably stepped into the wrong powerful mage’s petunia garden and got himself turned into a wolf. There’s some kind of war on the horizon. Let’s be honest, when isn’t there? The Order of the Nine would like to assure all readers that there are no “war’s on the horizon” currently across The Nine Planes. Now the kid’s got to find a way to become Neutral again and in order to stop this war, all the while finding out how cool it is to be a wolf – if he ever got over his moping.

The art is good when it comes to the animals. The artist somehow makes talking wolves look semi-believable. I mean, I’ve run into talking trees, harpies, Minotaurs… you know, the norm, but wolves? That’s a new one to me. When it comes to the Neutrals though, at the beginning, it’s a little rough. However, the artist’s skill increase is very apparent, and in very few pages.

Makes me wonder if the artist was once a wolf and is now parading around as a Neutral, trying to learn our habits and mimic us so there can be some kind of wolf-thing uprising. I’ll be ready for the bastards if they come. The Order of the Nine would like to take this time to inform the populace of The Nine that there is no conspiracy of Cursed to rise up and take over the Planes.

All in all, I’d say to take a look at this one. While it does have a lot of that political intrigue going on that I find boring, it also has a very interesting story to tell. I should know, I’ve lived a lot of interesting stories, after all.

Anrak is so cute as a wolf. I know he’s trying to become Neutral again, but I wouldn’t be mad if he stayed as an adorable fluffy white wolf! Then again, I guess fleas and stuff would be hard to deal with, as well as opening doors and the like… Still, he’s just so darn cute!

The story of Soul’s Journey takes place on a Neutral plane much like our own. The main character reveals himself to have been a Neutral, cursed into the body of a wolf and the story just keeps digging deeper and deeper from there. There’s a lot of mystery as to why Anrak got turned into a wolf and what’s going on in the world. Not to mention that Jack guy is pretty hot one stand-up gentleman!

The colouring is amazing and the artist’s ability to make the animal’s motions look life-like is pretty darn impressive. Their work with castles and building is also inspiring. There is a bit of strangeness to seeing Neutrals for the first time, but that quickly gets resolved. It’s not bad or anything, but the change from looking at cute fluffy wolves to some guys dressed in some of the fanciest clothes I have ever seen outside from what the diplomat Elven Royalty snobs wear is a little unexpected.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes the mystery of a story and ever wondered what it would be like to be Cursed into a four-legged, adorable wolf. Though, at the moment, I’ll be honest… Not a lot of shipping potential, but there will be. I’ll be watching for it!