I think Lu may have a bit of a fixation with some kind of extra curricular activities. Speaking of extra curricular, it’s time for another…

Hasera and Lark Review

Magic and Muses: XII

Magic and Muses: XII is some kind of schooling comic, as in, its about young girls going to some kind of school. I’m pretty sure weird things are going to happen in it, but it’s still pretty new.

The art is good. Crisp, clean and stylized meaning it’s easy on the eyes and it doesn’t have contrasting colours that make you want to rip out your own eyes. The story is just starting, so there’s not much I can say about it. The characters have a certain flow to them when they’re drawn that really make their movements convey some kind of weight or emotion.

This looks like it’s going to have some promise for those who are into the whole ‘coming of age’ type of story. I’m not entirely sure if there will be any dragons being punched, but a guy can always hope. The Order does not condone the act of punching dragons. These majestic and terrifying beasts are endangered and any acts of aggression towards them will be met with legal proceedings.

Magic and Muses is one of those other plane stories. It looks as though it’s about some girls who are going to an all-girl school Why would you ever do that? I mean, not having those boys running around in those tight shorts? That sounds like a travesty!. It doesn’t take long for the fantastical magic to start happening, but alas, the story has only progressed so far as to show the beginnings of the whole thing.

This comic may be low in content right now, but it really hits home on what it was like being confined in the boring safe confines of The Order.The story is really interesting so far and I really do hope that Emma gets the help she needs in order to deal with that blonde bully.

I know Lu was there for me when that kind of stuff started. It’s actually how we met… Right, back to the story. Magic and Muses has an interesting ‘stepping into the fey’ kind of feel to it. While the colours in the real world are muted, when Willow is in her dream plane, the colours suddenly come to life, being bright and enticing, rather than the dull browns of her plane.

I’d recommend this for those who are into the ‘young adult’ style of comic where a young girl who may not be confident of herself slowly blossoms into a kick-ass woman. It would also work if you were into stories that go from the mundane to the majestic. Pretty much: I’d recommend everyone take a look.