See? It’s not only Hasera that thinks that this guy is all that and a bag of potato chips! Even the level-headed and incredibly normal Lu fangirls over the man, the legend, The Lark.

Spekaing of fangirling, here’s another…

Hasera and Lark Review:

White Noise

White Noise tells the story of a kid named Wren. He’s from some kind of closed-off village from after the world ended from ‘Aliens’. Wren’s got two things going for him: An imaginary big-eyed dog-like friend named Winter and the fact that he’s got a tail. Poor kid must have been Cursed at birth by the Winter-thing. They both have the same kind of tails, so obviously there’s some connection there.

The story for this one is told in parts. The beginning starts in the middle and later on, those parts that happened before are filled in. Not too shabby and pretty well timed, if you ask me, and you are, because you’re reading this and I’m amazing. The characters react in believable ways and it is very easy to get into the story and follow along.

If I were to give White Noise a downside, it would be that the author is holding a lot close to their chest. The plane itself looks interesting and the fallout of whatever nuclear is would have been interesting to see in more than one panel, but overall, it’s a well polished, well presented piece of work.

The art starts off strong and gets stronger. While there are some issues with body sizes and perspective, they are minor at most and don’t really break the reader away from engaging with the story and the characters. As the story progresses, you can see the artist improving their craft and working more and more on refining their style – a style that was already great to begin with.

If I were to recommend White Noise to someone, it would be all those kids back in Guardian School The Academy. They seem the right age to get into the whole ‘teenager in trouble’ angle and are wide-eyed enough that they would get caught up in the mystery of everything that’s going on.

It certainly is worth checking out if you’re into well drawn characters and interesting story lines.

EEEEEEEEE! Wren is the most adorable Cursed I have ever seen! The tail just ads to his cute factor! So, this story takes place in another Plane, this time, some kind of future-technology driven one where something called ‘Aliens’ blew everything to hell, but some neutrals survived, while others, apparently, got cursed!

The story follows a teenager named Wren who is trying to outrun some bad guys who want him dead because that’s their job. I mean, who just does a job because they’re told to? There has to be a want to do it, you know? Anyhow! The one thing that’s certain is that Wren is dangerous and that maybe the people who are hunting him should just leave him alone so he and Anna can be together! for their own safety!

I was fawning over the art in later pages and I was loving the art at the beginning, so I’m not entirely sure how to grade it – Good goes to Great? Grood? I don’t know. It’s nice, the flow of action and the intermingling of story and perspective works well.

I’d recommend this story to anyone with a pulse, and without (Yes, even the Unclaimed). There’s something for everyone: Romance, fighting, love, shipping possibilities, mystery, shy cute boys, Anna… Just go and read it already while I write my fanfic of Anna and Wren! get back to work.