Introducing Lu! Hasera’s BFF! This little lady is a Savage Guardian. She stands six feet and four inches tall and can bench press an entire football team. Her full name is Luina. Her friends call her Lu. Her enemies also call her Lu. So call her Lu or you’ll wind up on her enemy list.

Speaking of calling out names, it’s time for another loud and obnoxious…

Hasera and Lark Review

Seamus and Addie

Starting off, I have to say that this comic is all kinds of twisted. The Seamus character is completely messed up in the head and I think that’s why I like him so much. It follows the day-to-day life of perhaps the most unlucky person I’ve ever read of.

Throughout the story you find out small parts as to why Seamus is mentally broken. The art style progresses nicely, even though the overall tone of the comic remains rather dark and brooding, the art continues to become more flowing and detailed.

The only downside is that the ‘story’ elements are broken up by side-story comics. Not really a problem, but when it’s going on an emotional bender, it can be a little jarring. Overall, this story is going to make everyone feel something. Whether it be sadness, joy, or anything in between.

Well, almost everyone. I’m far too much of a hero to be effected by this well-made heart-string puller. If I were just a little less amazing, maybe I’d have felt something during those touching times. Sadly, I guess I’m just too awesome for my own good.

I’m not entirely sure who’d I would recommend this story to. It’s a pretty good, dark story. It won’t leave you with a skip in your step, but it may put your life into perspective or something? I don’t know, I kill monsters, not fix people’s feels.

By the Gods! This is such a sad, depressing and simultaneously uplifting comic! I was in tears of mixed emotion on a constant basis! If I could find Seamus, I’d give him the biggest hug he could handle, even if he didn’t want it.

The story takes place on one of those neutral planes where people live in some kind of alternate future without magic. It follows the incredibly sarcastic, damaged and emotional crippled Seamus as he slips through multiple tiers of a depression cake. Every step of the way I needed to use a hankie just to keep my eyes dry so I could read what would befall him next.

The art starts off pretty shaky, much like poor Seamus and it becomes crisp and detailed by the end, almost like the art was following Seamus’ progression through his darkness. It really is an interesting delve into the mind of someone who has been given quite a short stick in the ways of life.

I would not recommend this comic to anyone who wanted to just read a quick ‘joke’ and get on with their day. This is one of those comics you start and before you realize it, you’re at the end and craving to know more about poor Seamus and how you could help him get better by simply giving him a hug! and his adorably jerk-like cat Abbie.