My. What an… interesting and, uh, well furnished room Hasera is in. I’m sure The Order spared absolutely no expense on the care of its Guardians. She probably eats caviar and rosé every morning. I’m sure it’s not like some kind of nunnery or something… Right?

Also… I can’t wait for the reveal of who that voice belongs to.

And now to reveal the next…

Hasera and Lark Review:

Moon Gone Dark

This is one of those stories that messes with your head. Moon Gone Dark takes place in some kind of dream world of a God on some other plane. It follows a woman guy named Wayfarer of the Nights who seems to be a lot more than a simple minstrel. He seemingly doesn’t sleep and talks to inanimate objects that could be some Cursed that got turned into things for some reason. That, and I’m pretty sure that the Wayfarer chick guy is some kind of God.

The women are all rather attractive – Even the ones who are able to become spiders. The art is very stylized and feels as though it was a choice made specifically to impact the story. It feels as though the artist was maybe going for some kind of traditional style from their own plane or something. It looks pretty well crafted, but I think there may have been some of the story lost in translation. I think a lot of stories get lost in translation, take for instance that whole Banshee Queen incident.

It feels very artsy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it opens up a whole bunch of possibilities in story telling. I’d recommend it for anyone who was into delving into the psyche, swimming through a dreamscape or otherwise adventuring in a surreal plane. I’m sure there are going to be quite a few more twists and turns in the story as it continues. I just have no idea where the path is leading or where it’s even coming from. Story of my life, I guess.

The penmanship of this comic is absolutely amazing. The use of colour to define importance is very well used, but I think because of this and the lack of information provided, it becomes slightly washed away – what’s with the cloak with many eyes? Or the hidden golden tattoos on cutie Wayfarer’s body? I don’t know, but the fact that they’re coloured indicates to me that there’s some hidden importance to them. Personally, I think it indicates that they’re neutrals that have been turned Cursed and locked away into those colourful objects!

The whole story starts like a dream – there’s no real beginning as the reader is thrust into some God’s realm with little explanation. I think this is on purpose. Most dreams have no beginning, you just find yourself half naked in a grotto playing a harp and then he shows up wearing nothing but a scrap of cloth, all wet and… bulging… in the middle of a story and you have to play along.

I find the fact that the original content was obviously not in common makes the story a little stilted. A language barrier of sorts keeps some of the information at arms reach, but the way the story is presented does add to its mysterious allure. Maybe this is all an Incubus’ dream and he’s stealing the essences of all those around him? Could be. At this point, all possibilities are on the table.

I’d recommend anyone who is into very meticulous detail to check this one out. Small hints and hooks can be seen all throughout the artwork if you’re mindful enough. The use of the inking is also something that needs to be seen. The creator is rather skilled at their craft. Even though the language barrier might be a little vexing at times, I would recommend people give this one a try, just to see another style of story telling.