Thus begins Chapter 2 and boy-howdy does he look happy! I’m sure nothing about crushing poor Hass’ dreams will come about in this chapter and everything will be fine with rainbows and unicorns!

Or, you know, we can all sit patiently and wait for the two on-coming trains to collide…

I’ll bring the popcorn.

Speaking of popcorn! It’s time for another…

Hasera and Lark Review:

Culture Shock

Ho-boy. Here’s an interesting one. This is one of those ‘future’ planes with fancy ‘technology’ all over the place and somehow, some blonde-haired idiot finds himself teleported into the middle of some kind of village where he has no idea what he’s doing and has one amazingly thick hero complex.

The story starts off weak at first, but as the comic goes on, it kind of grows on you. Especially as the roster of girls in the comic climbs. I wouldn’t mind spending a night with any of them – safe for Sunny, because that would be creepy. Mind you, the one highest on my list is that witch. I dunno. Something about powerful women just gets my motor going, you know?

The art starts off shaky and pretty run-of-the mill, but it really turns itself around and becomes one of the most fine tuned and well drawn comics I’ve seen. The writing tightens up nicely and the story becomes even more in depth, though the absolute stupidity of that Brooke elf wanting to be with Mr. celibate? That guy should check to see if maybe his dick’s been cursed, because honestly, I don’t know how he could possibly not have slept with her yet.

If ever she’s looking for a tall, well built blonde hunk who isn’t dead in the ‘romance’ area, she should look me up – That’s all I’m saying.

I would advise anyone who likes comedy, romance, fight scenes, whatever a ninja is, chivalry and the like, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend this comic. If you like hot chicks wielding weapons, kicking ass and looking damn fine when they do, then I’d also recommend this. If you like watching a blonde-haired jack-ass make a complete idiot out of himself by deciding to NOT sleep with a hot chick, then I’d also recommend this comic.


Alec and Brooke! Alec and Brooke! Alec and Brooke! By the Nine! How had I never seen this comic before? The shipping possibilities are so endless! It’s impossible to even explain it!

This is an interesting ‘world collides’ kind of comic. Mind you, I don’t understand most of the references made in the comic, but I’m pretty sure anyone from this plane would get them. Alec reminds me of the old stories I used to read when I was younger about a chivalrous, blonde-haired hero who would saved the damsel in distress and request naught a thing in return… Too bad those are only in story books.

The art really made me second guess this comic at the beginning, as did the writing. It felt like a punchline comic, but the moment Brooke showed up, I was hooked. I don’t know what it is about her and Alec, but it just makes me all tingly!

The story gets really good and the character interactions are phenomenal! I love the interconnections of the characters and the way the story teller is slowly revealing more and more of the backgrounds because it is so well done that it makes me want to find out where the creator lives and kidnap them so that I can have him tell me all of the plot right now keep reading.

I would tell everyone to check out this comic! It’s got something for everyone! I would also love to trade shipping theories with anyone interested! I have only four tomes filled so far and I’m sure I’ve missed a few!