And thus concludes chapter 1 of My Hero! What’s in story for our heroine? What could possibly go wrong with her desires? Why were there flowers in that ice? I mean, seriously. That’s weird, Alli. More to come in Chapter 2: The Lark!

There will be no hiatus between these chapters. Instead, we will be diving in next update! Enjoy!

Now for another absolutely riveting…

Hasera and Lark Review:


Ith’Ir’s hammer. Where do I start? So, this is one of those future plane-type things, but there are Godbloods, called alpha-ones running around, trying to keep the peace. There are also other Alpha-One’s wrecking the peace. In between it all is the group called Vanguard, who are just trying to do the right thing. Daft fools.

Reminds me a lot of The Order, truth be told. On to the art. The starting art is decent and it keeps getting better from there. The story is straight out of those Silver Stories that those weirdos always read, filled with betrayal, heroes, villains and the almighty Rounds.

The fight scenes are well done and the violence portrayed can be quite graphic. I love it. If I had to say something negative about the whole thing it’s that there is no archive page, so holding your spot is almost impossible. Truth be told, I didn’t have to use this because I read through it in one sitting, but I can imagine that it would be required for something with a 5+ year run time.

The character designs are interesting. Some of those women heroes really do wear some revealing attire. Most neutrals keep themselves covered from head to toe, but these? I’m just kind of mad that I haven’t had a chance to have a romp in the hay with one of these super strong women – it would make for an interesting night – and probably a destroyed barn or two.

A guy can dream, can’t he?

All in all, this is a well made comic. The story keeps you intrigued. The art is good, not to mention most of the chicks are pleasant on the eyes, if you know what I mean. I’d recommend it if you like action, betrayal, intrigue and just straight-up ass-kicking. Not to mention the violence. I mean, they really know how to tickle a guy’s brutal side.

Vanguard is a comic about some Godbloods who work for their Prime Ministers. I think that’s some kind of King or Baron or something. It’s violent, gory and most of its cast wears skin-tight outfits. I think that last one is the one I dislike least, I mean, the abs on some of those guys just makes me blush. If the perspective weren’t such a tease, you’d see exactly how big their package is muscles were.

In the beginning of the comic, the art is a little hard to get into. The colouring is well done and the contrast is well balanced, but there’s just something a little wonky about how it looks. Catching up to its most recent page, the art is leagues ahead of where it began. I would fully recommend going through the entire story if only to see the amazing progression of the artist’s skill.

The story is deep. A little too deep for some people, but it definitely does have those that are following it chomping at the bit to know what’s going to happen next. Honestly, the story feels a little close to home in some respect. Sometimes I worry that The Order is more concerned about Rounds than about the safety of the populace, but this is make-believe, right? The Order would never do what happened in Vanguard… That would be abhorrent!

This is not the kind of story I’d normally like. The blood, guts and visceral matter are not particularly something I enjoy, but they are done tastefully in Vanguard. I do really like the flow of action in most of the fight scenes and the camera shots on some of those burly men in their little costumes can be a little distracting.

I’d recommend it for people who enjoy a lot of action, espionage, and crazy conspiracy theories about how the organizations meant to protect the people are as incompetent as a mage with crotch itch. Of course, if you like ogling handsome, muscular men in tight, revealing suits that leave little to the imagination, then it’s also right up my, I mean, your alley for the most part..

If you’re like me and more into romance and loving the characters in the story as they grow and become more and more involved with one another and eventually go on a date, get married, have little blonde haired kids who look like their father who was a handsome ‘Alpha-One’ and totally deserved better than what happened to him! it might still be for you. Just… Don’t get attached to your shipping manifests.