I’m sure it’s nothing important. After all, some rituals end in butterflies, others explosions… Ice? Sure. Ice works. Yeah. Nothing important there at all.

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Hasera and Lark Review:
One lump or two?

Monsterous Mimi

Seriously? I have to review this? I have no idea what to say. Uhm, ok. Let’s start with the basics. There’s no real over-arching story, just this ‘cute’ kid who is, in fact, some kind of spawn of Vula’Kethu or something. I mean, tentacles, multiple eyes, razor sharp teeth. If that girl isn’t Vula’Kethu’s avatar, I don’t know who would be.

The art style is wretchedly adorable and it’s done on purpose. I think the artist wants to both make people fall over in spastic overloads of adorable and also have an angle for making the reader have to second guess everything they’re looking at. I mean, I guess Mimi would be one of the better things to have weeded out the more gullible Champions. So, let that be a lesson: Never trust the innocent-looking – they’re always up to something.

The jokes are entertaining, though they’re not really aimed at someone like me. I’ve seen some pretty strange things these last few years and a little cursed girl who eats souls is not too uncommon. I’m interested in knowing exactly how Mimi got cursed, maybe that way I’d have an idea on how to take her out if ever she went rogue.

What? It could happen. Just because she looks like a little girl does not mean she is one.

All in all, it’s a cute little strip of a comic. Worth your time if you’re into adorable things or if you’re into really weird things. If you’re into manly things, like punching dragons, well, who knows. Maybe she’ll do that in the future, too.

Let me just start by saying Mimi is absolutely a cutie, even with the razor sharp teeth. The little outfits she wears are also quite adorable. She even has a hidden dark side within her. I mean, doesn’t every girl?

The art is so adorable that I want to just put it in a notebook and look at it whenever Lark does something absolutely asinine (Which is often) just to get my hopes up. The weird Cursed condition Mimi has going on really does make me wonder what’s up with the whole ordeal, but overall, I’m absolutely in love with the design of the characters. Deathboy, whatever his name is, is rather cute and I’m wondering exactly what kind of plane these characters are living in.

The comic is set up almost as a joke a week type style, but hasn’t had a lot of time to build up its archive. Most of the beginning jokes revolve around the same type of ‘cute scare’, but they’re all done in a way that expands a little bit more on knowing who, or what, Mimi is.

I’m hoping that this comic starts taking a more long-form style of story telling as it was headed towards and not regress into a joke a week setup – mainly because I want to know more about this adorable little changeling Mimi! I’d suggest giving it a read if you’re into light humour, weird twists and adorable protagonists who have something else going on!