I’m sure every Guardian gets the same generic message. Really. Yeah. Totally.

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Haser and Lark Review:

Chronicles of Oro

This is one of those alternate planes stories again. Some young girl accidentally takes a conduit and winds up on a normal plane, with some Cursed and some not-so-golden elves. All in all, pretty standard stuff for life around here.

One thing that threw me off was the fact that one of them was riding a dragon. I’ve gotten to know the last two in the whole Nine Planes and I can tell you one thing: They won’t let you ride them. Well, one will, but she’s a little more forceful with the whole process.

But you’re not here to know about my personal life. You’re here to find out if what happens to Juniper is worth your time. Let’s see, she’s young, from a world without magic, apparently, and is a neutral with no Champion or Guardian training – She’s dead meat on her own.

The artistic style is nice, crisp and eye catching. There are some pages where it may look a little rough, but I believe that’s intentional to add to the effect of the work. The characters are believable and the story is pretty good at leaving you in the dark.

Truth be told, I would have probably grabbed one of those long-eared dorks by their silver hair and had them spill the beans on everything that was going on. Again, I’m experience when it comes to dealing with cryptic clients and stupid ‘prophecies’ and the like. Poor Juniper has a lot to learn.

All in all, it’s off to a good start. Not really my kind of adventure. I mean, where are the girls with the mini-skirts and the big monsters? Just because it has a young, vulnerable person who has had their entire life thrown into disarray because of fate or whatnot doesn’t mean it holds any interest for me whatsoever.

I might just check back on it once in a while to see how the cast are doing. Yeah. Once in a while. Not like I’m subscribing to it or anything like that. Just… checking to see if Juniper died on a weekly basis, or something…

By the Gods! This is such an interesting story! It’s like a young girl who was part of those other non-magic planes got sucked into a Conduit to our plane! It’s just so interesting of an idea! I think the art is stunning and the story is just too interesting to stop. Not to mention the plethora of potential future ships! I wonder how many possibilities there currently are?

Ok, so the story starts in one of those lame no-magic planes, doing boring stuff about looking at bear statues with boobs – I think they’re called Bugaboobs, or something? Not important. Soon enough, the boring stuff ends and Juniper gets whisked away to something that resembles our plane!

Some sneaky elves stole something of importance and Juniper lands smack-dab in the middle of the whole affair with guards chasing her and her having not a clue as to what’s going on in the slightest. It truly is entertaining to follow.

The art is superb. The expressions and the shading work very well to give the reader an idea as to what the characters are thinking. Sori is absolutely adorable and I want to just hug him until his cheeks turn as crimson as Lu’s hair! I like the cast and their different attitudes, though I’m wondering how the creator is going to wrangle so many personalities into a main story stream.

The story has me hooked and the characters are lovable. I feel as though I really feel an attachment to Juniper and I will be watching this one with bated breath for every update!