I’m sure it’s all within acceptable parameters. No chance of a resonance cascade effect or anything, right?

If I see a single headcrab, this place is getting a liberal application of the Crowbar treatment, courtesy of our in-house doctor, Gordon.

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Hasera and Lark Review:
Never get in Harm's way.

Bruno Harm


Bruno Harm is an old guy who helps people for coin, or so I’ve figured out. Lov’an’s tits, I hope I don’t look like him when I get old. It looks like his better days are behind him and he’s constantly finding trouble. Really does get the short end of the stick in most respects.

The art is passable, reminding me a lot of the old comic strips Grandad would read. The humour is cynical, jaded and often times crude – I love it. I mean, it’s like Bruno is dealing with half of The Order’s clients. Bunch of slack-jawed yokels.

The colours are pretty basic. There are no fancy techniques or hidden messages or anything. Just a quick strip with a good laugh here or a laugh there. While Bruno Harm may not be created for a long-form comic style, I find its humour and presence to outshine a few of the long-standing comics that I’ve read.

The story doesn’t seem to mince words or waste time on inconsequential things. The creators seems to know where he’s headed with the story and I do believe that he’s doing his best to get there without wasting his audience’s time.

Bruno Harm is an excellent addition to anyone who wants to read about a cranky old guy who has witty retorts and is constantly running into trouble.

Why does that sound so familiar?

Bruno Harm takes place on another one of those no magic planes. Why people would ever want to even think of a life without magic is beyond me, but apparently it’s a thing. The main character is something of a retired Guardian who is always down on his luck, but not ready to quit. He kind of reminds me of my dad.

The story would be better placed in a larger page format, but for its pacing and the punch line deliveries, it works well. The art style is imperfect, much like the main character of the story and it lends itself to the aesthetic of the entire package.

While it may not stand out as an artistic masterpiece, where the comic shines is in its delivery. The jokes are witty and they would fit well with people who had snarky attitudes. I’m sure Lu would love this comic.

For me, there is little on the romance side for me to really sink my teeth into, but there’s something about Bruno’s attitude that has me really interested. The comic’s archive isn’t too robust as to be inaccessible and the story is quite quick to take in and get a little snicker in between dealing with irate clients of The Order. All in all, I’d say it is worth having a gander at if you’re looking for a hard-boiled style comedy.