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Mailbox Rocketship

This one’s got a kid-like humour to it. I don’t know how to really describe it. The story takes place on some other plane where the neutrals have done some kind of advancement through science. There’s some kind of giant ships in space and another race of what I think are Fae who are just as incompetent as the neutrals in this story. We know the Fae are more incompetent. It’s just the way the Gods made them.

The jokes are all well timed, but they do slow down some of the progress of the story. Still, they’re pretty funny. A lot of the humour is well crafted and it got a chuckle out of me quite a lot. Overall, nothing really suffers from the constant light-hearted feel as I think that it is the main attraction of Mailbox Rocketship.

Now, on to important matters: A lot of hot chicks. Two chicks who used to be lovers. I mean, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that, but they never show you anything… Yet. There’s a lot of flirting between Cassi and Kota. Constant tease, like a certain Guardian I know. She should just kiss him and get it over with. He’s too much of a chicken to do it on his own.

Then there’s the Fae girl, Iowa – wouldn’t mind having a night with her. The crazy ones can be fun, so long as they’re not that kind of crazy. Wait? They’re how old? Scratch that. She’s a lovely girl who I hope grows up to become a well adjusted individual. Yes.

Art’s pretty decent. Reminds me of some older stuff I used to read. It’s colourful and the paneling is pretty easy to follow. I’d recommend it for anyone who likes a light-hearted romp with a lot of humour and silliness.

The story takes place in some future-plane where science has somehow overtaken magic (though magic is there too) and all this weird stuff is happening, but it seems kind of normal to the neutrals there. Kota seemingly gains something called super powers (I guess he’s a Godblood or something?) and can do all kinds of impossible things. Honestly, I think it’s just magic and the writer is toying with us.

With that in mind, Kota is adorable! How Cassi and he are always about to kiss keeps getting my hopes up! Those two would make such a cute couple! I really do hope they get together! Top that with Mike and Iowa and I am in shipping heaven! Some ominous stuff is hidden throughout the care-free feeling of this comic and some of the plot lines are a little tangled or haven’t really been expanded on.

I like the jokes. They’re silly and they make me laugh almost every time I read them. The comedic timing is exact and even though the art style is somewhat simplistic, the character expressions really do give a feeling for the emotions of the characters. The use of colour is good and vibrant, it helps categorize the whole experience as a fun romp in a strange plane where people don’t take their problems as seriously as The Order does.

The story is a little all over the place, but it seems to be keeping to a major vein, which is good because without the over-arcing story, it could easily have become a situation where no one knew who was where or doing what.

The cast is rather large, with some of the characters only having had two or three pages to show them off, but from what every character has shown, I’m very interested to learn more about them as they all seem to be a little special kind of crazy – like Lu after a bottle of her family’s ale. It makes me anticipate future updates and I really do hope that it continues because I want to see Cassi and Kota kiss, dammit!!

I’d recommend Mailbox Rocketship to anyone who likes a comic filled with jokes and doesn’t necessarily want to be dragged down into a serious discussion on why Kota is such an idiot for not kissing Cassi when he had the chance!