There really should be some kind of signage or something to indicate where everyone is.

I also think Hasera is going to have a big, red hand print permanently across her face by the time this story is done. So much facepalm. So much.

And now, it’s time for another thrilling edition of:

Lark and Hasera review:

What a cute, ass-kicking bunny!

The Tale of Jasper Gold

This one’s a weird one. There are talking rabbits, lizards and birds all over the place. I mean, I’m used to Cursed having all shapes and forms, but they’re usually more neutral-esque. Then again, that rack on Luellen… Hmmm. I will give them one thing, though – they drew all of the critter-things pretty well.

The story takes place in some kind of desert land with tumbleweeds, big hats and some kind of accent. Some rabbit-looking guy is apparently a bounty-hunter or something? I guess it’s like a Champion, but without the annoying Guardian or muscles. I will give him one thing, though: that Jasper rabbit is one tough cotton tail. He’s rough, tough and doesn’t really waste his breath on useless words. I like him.

I Kind of wish it was in colour, truth be told. Not that the black and white is bad, but I think it would really benefit from the artist throwing down some colours. Maybe in the future. Either way, the art’s pretty easy on the eyes, so it’s not really an issue.

The pacing is good and the story seems pretty solid for what’s available. Definitely an interesting thing to read, you should check it out if your into talking animals, wild desert and good ol’ fashion revenge. Also, Maude is a real firecracker. I like that. Wonder what she’d look like with boobs?

So, the story takes place in some kind of alternate plane where critters are able to talk and have the ability to wield magic weapons that use kinetic force to distribute what look to be balls into people in order to kill them. Pretty neat concept, though, really? Why not just use magic? I guess it would be an alternative. Maybe they don’t have magic on that plane? Yikes. What a thought!

Jasper is a big old rough and tough bunny with a heart of gold! The art style is incredibly well used for this kind of story and the ink shading does add quite a bit of depth to the characters’ already excellent design work. Usage of minimalistic detail in the background while bringing attention to the intricate features in the characters is an excellent way for the reader to feel the emptiness of the desert these poor things live in.

With the slew of animal types being thrown around, you would think everything would start to bleed together, but the artist took a lot of time to ensure each character has a distinct look and feel about them. Even by the way the characters hold themselves, you can get a feel for their personalities – which is pretty impressive, considering these things aren’t really neutral as a default. Not that there’s anything wrong with not being a neutral, of course!

The story does grip your heart quite tightly. I’m really interested in where it’s going, even if Jasper can be a bit of a cold-hearted guy… He’s doing it for good reasons and I really hope he finds what he’s looking for.

If there was one thing off-putting about the whole thing to me, it’s the way the site is presented – no where to find a list of casts, no fanart, no real archive button… I mean, how am I supposed to gush over shipping ideas if there isn’t any bonus material?! But! I hear that this might be resolved soon. Fingers crossed! I’ll be watching this one until it’s finished! I wonder if Maude and Jasper will kiss?